Agar wood oil (Aquilaria agallocha)

One gets the essential oil through a complex process from the resin of Agarbaumes. This very rare Agarbaum grows for example in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and India. He has a thick trunk and is always green. The tree can grow up to 40 m tall and wears the heyday of yellow-green flower umbels.

The Agar wood oil

The Agar wood oil is also known as agarwood due to its hallucinogenic effect.

Names like Jinkoh-wood, wood paradise, Oudh, Calambac or aloe wood are sometimes used.

You knew the agarwood since ancient times, then you used the wood in the Arab world, in India, Egypt and Israel, for example, as an incense. The oils contained in agarwood should act medidationsfördernd, you should be able to rise more easily into so-called dream trips, also the oil is to act as an aphrodisiac.

By the way: Pure Agar wood oil to cost per kilogram of oil of 1.5 million euros, which would represent a drop price of about 4 euros. One reason for this is that you can win the essential oil only from those trees that have been infected by a fungus called Aspergillus niger. Because only then the tree secretes fragrant resin, from which one produces the oil. This resin is then reclaimed by steam distillation, the essential oil.

Another reason for the high price of oil is that the oil also can be obtained only from trees that are several decades old.

Of course, they tried to make the Agar wood oil artificially, but the results have been rather disappointing.

Duftrichtung of Agar wood oiles

The scent of Agar wood oiles can be described as sweet to spicy, deep, earthy, smoky and balsamic, he has something mysterious about him, something intoxicating and overwhelming.


Because of its high price, the Agar wood oil is rarely used. There is, however, in expensive perfumes or for meditative experiences: The name agarwood is because the oil can be as into a trance one that you think you could fly.

The essential Agar wood oil also has a very harmonious effect and is used in perfume oils to create a stimulating, sensual and mysterious atmosphere.

Physically, the oil helps, for example in varicose veins or hemorrhoids, but also falls this because of the price under the table – there are simply cheaper alternatives.

However, some people afford to use the Agarbaumöl as Liebesöl the luxury, so an oil partner and yourself to adjust to the physical pleasure.

Profile of Agar wood oil

Psychological effect of the essential oil

The oil is very memorable, who smelled it once, it will probably never forget.

It has a harmonizing, sells bad mood, creates balance, provides joy and happiness.

It gives wonderful dreams us, it accompanies us even dream trips. It creates the willingness to love and devotion, to the wide world of emotions.


Dark, woody, balsamic, spicy, smoky


I am very calm and relaxed. I’m empty me to feel my inner silence.


Harmony and combination with other fragrances

The Agar wood oil goes well with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, myrrh, frankincense, Linaloeholz or cedar.

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