Amyris Oil – West Indian Sandalwood (Amyris balsamifera)

Grows wild on the hillsides of Haiti. The evergreen tree has pretty white flowers. The valuable resinous liquid is, however, apart from the bark. The tree is also known as “West Indian sandalwood”. but he does not belong to the family of Sandalaceae. Amyris oil has a long adhering fragrance.

the Amyris oil

The Amyrisbaum is an evergreen tree that grows on the island of Haiti and on some West Indian islands. It is evergreen and contributes to the heyday of small white flowers. The well “balsam tree” called tree belongs to the citrus.

hence the name “West Indian sandalwood” is because the resin of the tree smells strongly of sandalwood, actually Amyrisbaum with genuine sandalwood has nothing in common.

The Amyris oil to win for just this resin is obtained specifically by cutting the bark. Because with a violation of the bark exactly emerges from this resin, which is then collects and processed.

However, a lot of patience is required because this tree that can grow up to 4 feet tall, from the age of 30 years produced the sweet essential oil.

The essential Amyris oil it produces by steam distillation, it takes about 3 kg resin to 1 gram to win Amyris oil.

The scent of the oil is, as already mentioned, very similar to that of sandalwood, it is warm and woody, spicy and very long-lasting and intense. This applies both when used in a diffuser, and when applied to the skin.

The scent of Amyris oiles is considered an aphrodisiac, it relaxes and soothes us. It also inhibits inflammation, as it has an antiseptic effect. It is well suited for smaller wounds or abrasions. Even with skin irritation is possible to use it well.

In addition, we know the use in varicose veins or hemorrhoids, you know that it strengthens the immune system and can also help with sleep disorders.

Amyris oil can be used in massage oils in a diffuser, in soaps, in body oils or bath salts.

More serenity by Amyris oil

Amyris oil has a calming and balancing effect on our soul, it distributes nervousness or depressive moods, it makes us more relaxed. This can also help with sleep disorders, or distribute the test anxiety in testing situations.

Amyris oil gives us optimism for future events.

Amyris oil is woody, balsamic, relaxing and soothing for the nerves.

The scent is both building and soothing, the oil has powerful anti-inflammatory.

Amyris oil slows the aging process and regenerates the skin, it is perfect for facial care. Amyris is derived from physical and etheric toxins from the body that can harm the body.

Associated with the planet Venus Amyris belongs to love, and so it also belongs to the heart chakra.

Amyris opens us to love, but it also gives us inspiration.

Amyris is also an oil of the rhythms and cycles, it is therefore a very feminine oil, suitable for the feminine energy of the moon.

Also, intuition, creativity and imagination are a subject of Amyris oiles, suitable for dreamers, artists, musicians and poets.

Amyris helps us to see the natural magic of life, it gives us creativity and health. Amyris oil allows us the innocent look of a child to life, it brings us joy and makes you laugh our hearts. It helps us to make decisions.

The Amyris oil suits oils such as sandalwood, clary sage, jasmine, cedar, rose, lemon balm, Litsea, frankincense, lavender.

Tip: If you deeply care about the scent of sandalwood, which can try and see if the much more favorable scent of Amyris oiles is an acceptable substitute.

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