Arnica oil (Arnica montana)

Arnica is a now a nature reserve plant, which can be found in the Alps and in the low mountain ranges. Since the Middle Ages, the healing properties of arnica was well known, such as Hildegard of Bingen has already reported on the arnica, for example through the good effect of bruises, wounds or inflammation.

One gets the essential arnica oil by steam distillation from the dried flowers, with approximately 400 kg of flowers found 1 kilogram of oil.

This oil smells fine, but a little bitter, it is spicy, equal to recognize the medical nature. An air-freshener, there will hardly used.

The arnica oil is one of the most popular medicinal oils. It is used for example for ointments, tinctures, in compresses, creams, especially to alleviate pain from bruises, sprains, or by also bruising and limit inflammation, or even prevent altogether.

The oil of arnica is rich in silica, which activates the self-healing of our body and can support.

Arnica oil also reduces pain in rheumatic diseases, it also helps with insect bites, can subside swelling, inhibits inflammation and has antiseptic properties.

One may also use arnica oil only externally, not even as a gargle solution if you have inflammation or open sores in the mouth.

Arnica oil contains ingredients that are toxic and that can lead to health problems such as the difficulty in breathing, and heart problems, or worse, to a circulatory collapse.

Internally, arnica may only be used homeopathically or finished medicines from the pharmacy, because only then the risk of poisoning is excluded.

Of course, arnica oil is also found in cosmetics, even here there is no risk of health hazards. In cosmetic products, so creams, ointments, toothpaste or shampoo, the ingredients of arnica help also against wounds and inflammation and help them heal faster.

but arnica oil also heals emotional pain and wounds that have been suffered because of injured feelings. It also helps to solve emotional rigidities and hardening and build emotional strength when new challenges need to be addressed.

Profile of Arnika


400 kg of dried flowers give 1 l of oil.

Effect of arnica on the soul

In shock, mental pain.

Lf emotional congestion.

Should be used, such as separation, surgery, tests or birth at (or preferably before) traumatic experiences.

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