Basil oil (Ocimum basilicum)

The basil oil is able to improve our memory and sharpen our minds, which was already known to the ancient Indians. Basil oil also helps even in nervous disorders, stress and anti-anxiety. It is a natural nerve tonic.

The sweet and herbaceous fragrance lifts the mood in depressive phases, and it brings clarity to a confused state of mind. It stimulates the sympathetic nerves and also strengthens the adrenal cortex.

Basil is also known as emmenagog (menstruation) and group antispasmodic, so it can help against menstrual pain and alleviate spasms in the form of a compress or as a bath additive. But since it also acts as a stimulant, can be used to fatigue it as a massage blend.

Basil oil has also been shown in scientific studies to be effective against acne because it kills the bacteria that promote acne.

In the 16th century people used the leaves of basil for inhalation to improve migraines and respiratory infections. In Ayurvedic medicine, there is this application Basil also, in addition, it helps here for bronchitis, coughs and colds, and also as an antidote to poisonous bites is it used. The Hindus put sprigs of basil on the chest of the dead, to protect them from evil spirits, while facilitating the transition between life and death.

Italian women wore formerly the herb with you, to win the loved ones of its own.

The basil oil is used for relief of insect bites and it can increase blood circulation and digestion.

Traditionally applied to: anxiety, nausea, muscle pain, flu, fever, lung infections and infectious diseases, as an antidepressant, it is antiseptic and antispasmodic, carminative and expectorant.

The name basil comes from the Greek basileus = king. It is the royal herb.

Effect of basil oil

The basil oil is particularly intensive on our soul: Through the oil sentiment brightens, it relaxes, self-confidence is strengthened disappear depression. Basil oil calms the nerves and strengthens at the same time, our mind is free, you can think better.

Basil oil dissolves spasms, cleanses the colon, dissolves phlegm, is antiseptic and carminative and digestion.

Basil oil is antiviral, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmotisch, antibacterial. Basil oil helps with migraines, insect bites, for sore infections in lung infections. Basil oil invigorates the mind and helps on mental fatigue away.

Basil is an excellent soothing agent with spasmodic cough. The use of the essential oil suppresses cough for several hours.

For stress-related headaches can give some basil oil in a cream and rub his neck so that distributes the pain. If you want, you can also add a little lavender oil that soothes addition.

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