Baybaum(Pimenta racemosa)

Called Baybaum, in Latin also Pimenta racemosa or “West Indian bay”, is a member of the myrtle family. The essential oil is produces from the leaves of the tree. The Baybaum is up to 20m tall and grows in the Caribbean. It contributes to the heyday of small, white flowers that give off a spicy scent. Since the Baybaum is related to the allspice, bay oil which also has a similar effect as the pimento.

In the Caribbean, the bay oil has long been well known, of course, to use it there, for example in perfume mixtures or aftershaves (Bay-rum). Here in Europe, however, the bay oil is still not as widespread, but what is not, can still become. Because the bay oil does not just smell good, it also has other positive characteristics that make it very valuable.

The Bay oil is obtained by steam distillation from the leaves of the tree. The scent of the oil is spicy, warm, dry, “male”, somewhat reminiscent of cloves.

This fragrance has long been used in perfumes, in aftershaves, lotions, hair lotions or bath additives, especially of course in men’s fragrances. In a hair tonic the Bay smells the way not only good, it nourishes and soothes the scalp, even the hair growth is stimulated it.

Bay is antiseptic and can wonderfully proactively protects against a cold. It works emollient, helps with skin irritation and irritation, even with a sunburn. Another effect is the anticonvulsant effect, that can be used for muscle tension and -verkrampfungen. It also helps prevent muscle soreness.

Bay suitable for example for mixtures with cinnamon, ginger, lemon, cedar, orange and lemon.

In an incense burner, it fills the space immediately with its intense, stimulating and spicy fragrance.

Bay has a calming effect on our soul, it strengthens us internally, like us out and harmonized. Problems seem smaller, you can better focus on them and address, you get courage and drive through the bay oil.

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