Benzoic oil (Styrax tonkinesis, benzion)

Earlier we used the resin of the “fever bush”, as they call the benzoin also for fumigations that would drive away evil spirits. Benzoin actually been around for thousands of years one of the main Räucherpflanzen in Asia, but even today it is included in many incense. Benzoin Siam a very “cozy” scent that is reminiscent of chocolate or vanilla. It helps to be relaxed in the hustle and bustle and helps us unwind after a long day.

The best known form of us Benzoeöles is probably nowadays the tincture of benzoin, which is used as a component of wound balsams.

Curiously, one finds very little about the benzoin and its effectiveness in ancient writings, even though they, proven moderation, was known in the 16th century in Europe and was also in frequent use. Today we know that the viscous syrup has a high number of healing properties – both physically and mentally.

Benzoeöl smells very sweet and balsamic, some vanilla and chocolate reminiscent. It is very suitable for the production of perfumes.

One drop Benzoeöl on his tongue, then you can feel only once a hot and burning sensation. But this soon passes and it turns a cozy and pleasant feeling of warmth one that runs through the entire body.

Benzoeöl is soothing and has a balancing effect, it gives a feeling of security and safety.

Enveloped in heat one, gives security, it can dissolve anxiety and help against depressive moods.

The benzoin warms our heart and reduces nervousness, it helps against depressive states, distributes fatigue and irritability, especially in the “days before the days” (PMS).

Benzoeöl inhibits inflammation, dissolves mucus acts strengthens the heart, antiseptic, antispasmodic and diuretic.

It works very intensively regenerating skin cells, it unblocks, it has antiseptic and soothing.

Fragrance and color

Benzoin has a very sweet vanilla scent that is very warm and pleasant. The fragrance is lasting long. The oil is a dark brown liquid, slightly viscous.

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