Bitter orange oil(Citrus aurantium)

In the Latin language the bitter orange is called Citrus aurantifolia. In this evergreen plant is a so-called citrus. The bitter orange was formed by the intersection of Tangerine with the grapefruit. This originated in southern China plant was rediscovered in the times of the Middle Ages in Europe.

The bitter orange bears fruit, which are also known as bitter orange. These are small fruits that have an aromatic smell, but taste pretty bitter. Therefore, it does not take the bitter orange directly for consumption, but rather uses it to flavor food with it.

For this citrus can win an essential oil, which is very fine. There are different types, which differ in what parts of the plant, the essential oil is extracted. In question here are:

  • Fruit
  • Blossoms
  • Makes

Unlike most other citrus bitter orange is quite insensitive to cold. This is another reason why this plant is also grown in Europe for a very long time.

The extraction of bitter orange

To gain the essential oil from the bitter orange, there are the following options:

  • For the characteristic essential bitter orange, take the bark of the plant and carries with it a steam distillation.
  • The flowers of this citrus can win the so-called neroli.
  • The leaves of bitter orange can be used for the production of Petit Grain.
  • The fruit peel can be used for an oil. However, this has a rather lower quality.

The aroma of bitter orange

The essential oil of bitter orange smells fresh and fruity. A certain herber Duft is contained therein, as well as a small, positive focus.

The possible uses of bitter orange

By its sweet and fruity, but also some bitter fragrance, the essential oil of bitter orange offers extremely well as a component of perfumes. It is also often used to give personal care products such as body lotions, creams or additives for the bath, nor an aromatic scent.

This pleasant fragrance with a constant touch of freshness is also often used for perfuming with the aid of oil burners or for evaporation in sauna areas. This one gets not only a budding take odor, but also has a means to combat various colds. The essential bitter orange can so namely bringing the anti-inflammatory properties are used, which can relieve the symptoms of colds. In parallel, the entire defense system of the body is strengthened by this essential oil. A suggestion of the cardiovascular system is achieved.

The essential oil of bitter orange stimulates the area of ​​the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is often used in case of problems with digestion or if someone has no appetite. If the essential bitter orange is used as a massage oil, a pleasant massage of the abdomen can help relieve cramps in the stomach or completely resolve.

The essential bitter orange also often finds use in the treatment of cellulite as it promotes circulation, tones the skin and also has a dehydrating effect.

Already for a very long time, people use the essential bitter orange also to reassure the exposed person is nervous conditions or phases of acutely occurring anxiety.

Combinations and harmonious effect with other essential oils

There are several possible combinations for the essential bitter orange. It is above all a harmonious effect with any other citrus scents. There is also a harmony with floral scents and warm, dark wood oils.

Using this citrus essential oil in the form of an oil for the body, for example, the preparation of a mix with lavender oil is recommended. The lavender oil is very gentle to the skin, thus preventing the occurrence of skin irritation in people with sensitive skin, which could occur by mere use of the essential oil of bitter orange.

The following combinations for the essential bitter orange, which are highlighted:

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