Blood orange oil (Citrus sinensis)

Generally, it’s really popular to use the essential blood orange oil for scenting. For this it is vaporized in an incense burner. This is a positive and appealing atmosphere is created and gives the room an extra freshness. Likewise, this essential oil has cheer to create a balance between the physical and emotional level, the purpose and the people in aromatherapy.

The essential oil of the blood orange is extremely skin-friendly. Therefore, to use it again and again as the addition of various personal care products. In particular, as an ingredient in a massage oil, this essential oil is very popular.

In addition, the essential blood orange oil is used in the food industry. There it is used to flavor drinks.

Combinations and harmonious effect with other essential oils

There are a variety of possible combinations which are eligible for the essential blood orange oil. This fact shows a harmonious effect on just about any other essential oil. It causes the new mixture – as long as the other oil is not as a citrus oil – receives a floral scent and a certain freshness. In particular, in mixtures with woody and spicy odors, this can result in very pleasant combinations.

Effects on the soul by the use of blood orange oil

The blood orange is donating a good essential oil, which can cause the following positive effects on the soul:

  • It acts as a stimulant.
  • The affected person feels refreshed.
  • Some relaxation is made possible.
  • There is a strengthening of the nerves.
  • Nervous conditions are sold.
  • New energies are released.
  • Man is more relaxed.
  • The affected person feels able to take new things in attack.

In addition, the essential oil can be used by the Blood Orange good for children who are very anxious. It can then reduce the fear something and has a calming effect on the affected child out.

Effects on the body by the use of blood orange oil

The essential blood orange oil can help to bring the body and soul of man back into balance. Besides, it has skin-friendly properties.

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