Buccolate oil (Agathosma betulin)

The essential oil of Buccoblätter is used in aromatherapy to cheer the spirit of the people affected and positively encourage. Likewise, all senses will be positively affected. It is made again and again by means of an incense burner, a perfuming the rooms.

There are mainly the following medicinal effect areas where the essential Buccolate distinguished:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract
  • Prostatabeschwerden
  • Various STDs
  • stomach cramps

Often ointments are prepared containing the essential oil. Since the Buccoblätter have an anti-inflammatory effect, these ointments are used in particular for the following conditions:

  • Rheumatic Symptoms
  • Neuropathic diseases of the skin
  • Smaller wounds of Hat

In addition, using the essential Buccolate to regulate the period of the woman.

Combinations and harmonious effect with other essential oils

If stomach problems are addressed, the essential Buccolate shows a harmonious effect with St. John’s wort, hops and lemon balm. If you would like to highlight the flavor of this essential oil in aromatherapy, spicy smells like mint and rosemary are suitable, but also citrus scents can be used to combine here.

Effects on the soul by the use of this essential oil

The essential oil, which can be obtained from Buccoblättern, has a very good effect on the soul. So the following things are effected:

  • The person concerned feels better overall.
  • It occurs a comforting feeling.
  • The spiritual forces increase.
  • The individual shall be bolder.
  • The human psyche is brought into harmony.
  • The interested party recognizes solutions to its problems.
  • One can also make unpleasant things again.

Effects on the body by using this essential oil

The essential Buccolate acts in particular anti-inflammatory. There is therefore some action areas in which this essential oil can be used.

Profile of Buccolate


40kg give 1l oil.

Applications of Buccolate

Internal use of Buccolate




Three times daily for up to three drops Dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water or herbal tea and drink.

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