Calendula (Ringelblume)

An article this effect has now been scientifically confirmed, for example, was in the “Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology” published in 2009, which stated: ” researchers at the Amala Cancer Research Center Amala Nagar, India, examined the wound healing effects Calendula officinalis, and the researchers saw a dramatic increase in the healing of skin wounds. “.

Calendula is also a powerful antioxidant, which protects our body system, for example, also from cancer. One study said this: “. With this activity, the essential oil is not only an excellent choice for wound healing (and against dermatitis of all types), even for the daily care it is well suited One of the ‘fundamentals’ of aging is that free radicals accelerate the rate of visible aging of our skin, and these highly respected antioxidants can have a significant effect in slowing down this process. ” – Simply put, calendula oil helps us to look younger longer.

Also of interest is the support of calendula for cancer treatment.

The calendula is used for skin care products, this one should use dilutions of 1 to 3%. Converted are the 11 to 27 drops of essential oil on 30 g of carrier oil.

The origin of calendula

The calendula is known to most people under the name “marigold”. It is one of the group of so-called daisy family. In Europe, the Calendula is very widespread and occurs almost everywhere. But what is the origin of marigold, you do not know for sure, even if often the opinion is expressed, they come from the area of ​​the Mediterranean.

The extraction of calendula

The extraction of essential Calendulaöls done with performing an alcohol extraction. In this case, for one liter of the essential Calendulaöls one needs about 5000 kg of marigold flowers.

The scent of calendula

The scent of the essential Calendulaöls people often describe with the term “lemon”. In most cases, the odor is perceived as positive, revitalizing and refreshing.

The possible uses of calendula

During the cold winter time, it always comes back to changing conditions between dry, warm air through the heating and cold drafts out there. This then often leads to dry hands or generally stressed, cracked, strained or sore skin. If you suffer from this problem, it is an often advised to use the essential Calendulaöls. This is also known as agents in general, which can be used for gentle skin care. First, the process of self-healing so that is encouraged, on the other hand, the essential oil has analgesic here.

Calendula is also often used for massage, as the soothing massage effect can be enhanced with it and this oil may be very well absorbed by the skin. The massage is therefore a pleasant experience for both body and soul.

Effects on the soul by using calendula

The essential calendula acts on the human soul:

  • Reassuring
  • Relaxing
  • Placatory

Therefore, it is often used in aromatherapy to help people with depressive moods or troubled states. The use of this essential oil is also possible with the aid of an incense burner, so that all persons present in the room group can feel the calming effect.

Effects on the body by using this essential oil

The following forms effect on the body are known by the ethereal calendula:

  • Soothing
  • In support for the skin
  • Healing for the skin

Profile of Calendula


Alcohol extraction from the blossoms

5000 kg blossoms give 1 l l.

Effect of calendula on the soul

Mental and nervous tension is appeased, the oil is comforting.

Applications of calendula

Internal use of Calendula

Inflammation and slow-healing wounds in the dental and throat

Stomach and intestinal ulcers

Twice a day for up to four drops einrhren honey in a teaspoon and Dissolve in a glass of warm water or herbal tea.

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