Camomile oil (Anthemis nobilis)

Chamomile is a universal oil for many pain conditions, is in the aroma medicine cabinet. It is particularly suitable for topical treatment of inflammation, because it not only neutralizes the bacteria, but also they produce toxic substances from streptococci and staphylococci. Therefore, Chamomile is in acute sinusitis or bronchial infection particularly effective (inhalation / winding / rubbing).

The name chamomile is derived from the Greek “chamaimelon” which means something like “apple on the earth.” In fact, the chamomile smells a bit like apple when one pays closer attention.

Chamomile is very undemanding and can be found almost everywhere, for example on meadows and fields and on fallow land. Some farmers call them unloving also a weed that stands in their way – this is not justice to this wonderful healing plant to secure.

In chamomile many essential oils are included, which takes advantage for medicinal purposes for centuries. In natural medicine is used mainly wild camomile.

Chamomile has been dedicated to the sun in ancient Egypt, which may be because well that the chamomile particularly likes the sun. Along with the peppermint and lavender chamomile is probably the plant from which one gets the most commonly used essential oils as well.

The chamomile oil has many different effects that you can exploit for his health. So chamomile inhibits inflammation, it reduces fever, she is breastfeeding pain, it drives the sweat, it helps with bloating, it helps with discomfort in the stomach and intestines, as well as helping us with stress and anxiety, even in anger, you can use them , It also helps us depressed moods of time, she sells nightmares and gives us a peaceful sleep.


Indigestion, gastritis, colds, menstrual cramps, inflamed wounds, poorly healing wounds, hemorrhoids, abscesses, allergies, sunburn, skin inflammation, anxiety, depression, hysteria, sleep disorders, use in oil burners.

The chamomile oil helps us in meditation and hypnosis, the oil helps us to let go, it also helps to discard too selfish life.

For the effect of the essential oil, among others, the ingredient azulene is responsible, who are at the same time the oil its slightly bluish color. In the Blue Chamomile, the proportion of which is the highest. There are several different types chamomile, color whose oils varies between yellow and dark blue.

Chamomile oil is of course not only used for medicinal purposes, it is used in the cosmetics industry, for example for the production of perfumes, which the chamomile oil gives an aromatic and refreshing scent.

To clarify the terms of the various types of chamomile

You can distinguish between the Roman chamomile, skipjack (yellow) Chamomile (A. nobilis) and wild Moroccan chamomile. The latter smells fruity and is cheaper than the Roman chamomile. Both oils are similar and quite expensive in their effects. All chamomile oils are “pacifier” for body, mind and soul. They are typical relaxants and also for infants at high dilution suitable.

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