Cananga (Cananga odorata)

The Cananga obtained from the same plant, from which one wins the widely known ylang-ylang. For the essential oil Cananga but to use all parts of the plant, while the plant blooms are processed for the ylang-ylang only.

The essential oils ylang-ylang and Cananga is obtained from a tree, which is up to 25 meters high. This has its home in the Philippines and in Indonesia and appears here in tropical areas. The plant blooms are due to the fragrance, which is described as a beguiling, very popular and are often worn by women in the Philippines as chains or other forms of jewelry.

The extraction of Cananga oil

For the extraction of essential Canangaöls a steam distillation is carried out with the flowers of the tree. So you noticed also similarities to the ylang-ylang. For one liter of essential Canangaöls, is around 60 kg of the flowers of the tree.

The aroma of this Cananga oil

With the right dose of this essential oil stays warmer, floral and sweet odor is noticeable. In case of overdose of essential Canangaöls but the smell obtrusive and tiring, even partially deafening.

Effects on the soul by using Cananga oil

The essential oil Cananga has, like any other essential oil, on the one hand an effect on the soul of man and also an effect on his body. The transitions are hardly distinguished.

Often this essential oil is used by means of oil burners. Here, for example, the following effects on the soul are known:

  • Provision of security feelings
  • Opening new paths
  • Calm the people
  • Improvement of living adjustment
  • Build Trust
  • Release of feelings

Essential Cananga oil can also be used for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. Thus, the complaints that may arise, for example, too much stress, alleviated.

Effects on the body by using Cananga oil

This essential oil acts as an aphrodisiac on the human body. Therefore, it is often used when the sexual desire of a man wears off, without this actually want.

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