Cardamom oil (Ellettaria cardamomum)

The cardamom actually originally from the Indian subcontinent. Meanwhile, however, he is also on the island of Java, found in Sri Lanka and in other tropical areas. Cardamom is used in Indian and Arabic cuisine very often. Cardamom seeds that can be chewed after meals, stimulate digestion and freshen breath.

The cardamom

There are several different botanical species of cardamom, one of which comes from India and Sri Lanka and is a tall herbaceous perennial that produces small bolls that make you win the cardamom oil.

Elettaria cardamomum, the Latin name, grows wild and now also in plantations, she likes moist soil and thrives in altitudes from 600 to 1500 m.

The flowers form in May, they are mostly yellow with a purple lip. The fruits ripen until October.

Collecting the fruit pods of the plant before bursting out the seeds, and sets forth the oil therefrom.

Cardamom has previously been used in India as a spice and as a medicine, the Vedic Medicine, which was created back in the times around 1000 BC, mentions the cardamom under the name ‘Ela’.

The Greek philosopher Plutarch described in the first century after Christ as the cardamom in ancient Egypt was used for religious ceremonies and how you used it for perfume.

To Europe of cardamom came through the Arabs, who loved him as well as a spice and as a perfume. The name is thought taken from the Arabic “Hehmama” which translates as “hot and penetrating.”

Medical use of cardamom found in ancient and medieval times with all kinds of diseases, such as epilepsy, against spasms in paralysis and rheumatic stiffness of the joints. It was also seeds of cardamom in wine, to thereby produce a medicinal wine.

In the school of Salerno, one of the major centers of medicine in medieval times, they recommended cardamom against heart disease and used it as a diuretic.

The ancient Chinese medicine writes a particularly good effect in all bowel disease to the cardamom.

In our time, we know that cardamom aids digestion that he has antiseptic, helps with cramps and that he is a tonic for people with a weak heart, caused by grief and sorrow.

Cardamom seeds can be drunk as a decoction against flatulence, do this, make a decoction of 500 ml of boiling water and a teaspoon of seeds ago, infuse 2 minutes, then add a little mint. drink after meals sweetened with honey.

Cardamom oil

Cardamom oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fragrant seeds. It is thin and colorless, slightly greenish.

The scent is warm, soft and spicy.

The main components of the oil are terpineol and cineol, to limonene, Zingiberene and eucalyptol.

The scent of the oil is like the Orient or at least what we think of Europeans us under. And he is one Christmas to as cardamom is often used in Christmas baking.

The scent creates relaxation and tranquility, he harmonizes and makes receptive to the love for other people.


Cardamom oil relaxes, inhibits inflammation, has an antibacterial effect and dissolves the mucus, so it fits nicely with colds, even preventively.

Abdominal massage with a massage oil, is contained in the Cardamom oil, help against flatulence, air in the stomach and it helps a sluggish digestion. The intestine is stimulated.

Just as the cardamom can help a plant to water retention, one can prepare a massage oil with the oil, which is also in the period preceding the period or during menopause can be helpful.

To do this, take 20 ml of soybean oil, 2 drops. Wheat germ oil, 2 drops. Cypress oil and 8 drops. Cardamom oil. Mix well and massage in a clockwise direction on the abdomen, as in the solar plexus and thighs. Conveniently, this should be done in the morning.

Cardamom is also considered aphrodisiac agent, so as a means to make the desire for pleasure.

Something cardamom oil with other fragrant oils such as jasmine or ylang-ylang, evaporates in an oil burner creates a sensual atmosphere for more.

but it does not always have the same sex, if you want to feel better, a little more happiness alone is indeed something. And even that can Cardamom Oil: It stimulates the production of endorphins in the body, it helps us so emotional lows over time. but it also helps to stress and congestion of the soul, you will find more back to the peace and serenity. And it gives us new courage to continue in difficult times.

In general, the oil will bring us to bounce back when times things went wrong. You get back the ground under your feet, and you lose, you feel again the power and the pleasures of life, you lose your fears, you will spontaneously and creatively.

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