Carrot Oil – Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus carota)

Carrot growing worldwide in crops or wild. The yellow-orange oil of carrot seed is obtained by steam distillation of the crushed carrot seed. Since it nourishes the skin very well, tightens and rejuvenates, it is part of many creams, masks and skin oils. From the seeds of wild carrot drug carotene is obtained.

The carrot oil

The carrot is one of the most important and famous root vegetable that is used worldwide. The carrot is rich in nutritious and wholesome ingredients. They probably comes originally from Afghanistan and was introduced by the Romans and Greeks in Europe, thereby known.

The wild form has now spread throughout Europe, they are found often on calcareous soils. The roots are white and small, hard and elongated, they have a pungent odor.

they used the wild carrot even as a remedy for flatulence, stomach and liver ailments in France of the 16th century. Or she rubbed in crushed form to ulcers. Since in any case it is known as blood cleanser and remedy for diseases of the liver and skin, also as a remedy for lung conditions, allergies, inflammation of the intestine or as nerve tonic.

The cultivated species of carrot has the usual for us orange color and the typical form.

Probably these carrots comes from a form of Dutch culture in the 17th century – but that is how we no longer know today as well. The root is crisp and sweet, so no longer sharp.

Incidentally, there is also the saying: Carrots are good for the eyes, or have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? Well, who has soooooo nen Bart, but true at least of the statement: The carrot is really good for the eyes.

The essential oils of carrot

The essential oil is obtained from the seeds of the carrot. In addition to the aromatherapy oil is often found in perfumes. It is yellowish to orange, highly liquid and smells spicy peppery.

Natural cosmetics and the carrot

Regularly to eat carrots is good for the skin, its blood-purifying properties helps against skin blemishes and spots.

Against aging of the skin, wrinkles and discoloration following may help:

Mix 10 ml of almond oil and 4 Tr. essential carrot oil and carry it to the skin. This can be done two times a year and as a therapy for a few days, do preventative.

If you is the smell of carrot oil to “strange”, you can add a drop of rosewood oil, or natural another oil of your choice.

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