Cascarilla (Croton eluteria Benett)

Cascarilla oil has an anti-anxiety, relaxing, balancing and satisfaction decisive effect. Cascarilla causes one can organize his thoughts better and focus. It helps on mental lows of time, even in the cold and dark winter months the so-called winter blues or winter depression.

therefore Cascarilla is generally very good for depression and anxiety disorders, but also when the stress becomes too great in everyday life and at work.

The Cascarilla oil

The origin of Cascarilla oil

The essential Cascarilla oil is obtained from the so-called cinchona tree. The cultivation of these trees takes place, especially in tropical areas: the Bahamas are, for example, as one of the nations that export the largest amount of Cascarilla.

The origin, the Chinarindenbaum in South America, where he was mainly found in mountainous areas. This greenhouse can be very large, that is about 10 meters high.

The extraction of Cascarilla oil

To the essential oil Cascarilla to gain from the Chinarindenbaum, take the bark of the plant and carries with it a steam distillation. In this case, for one liter of the essential oil is required about 33 kg of bark.

Incidentally, the extract is used from the bark of the cinchona tree as an ingredient of the well-known “Campari”.

The possible uses of Cascarilla oil

The essential oil Cascarilla is primarily using an aroma lamp in use. For this purpose, simply adding a few drops of the essential Cascarilla oils in an incense burner and allowed to evaporate so.

This can help, for example, anxious people, but also people who simply pursue excessive caution and not believe anything. Through the essential Cascarilla oil the entire human nervous system can be soothed. The person concerned is calmer, happier and more balanced. So it is again possible to concentrate the mind on something and break out of the loop of the problem thoughts. Therefore, often people who feel exposed personally or professionally severe stress also come to the essential oil Cascarilla.

In addition, the essential Cascarilla oil can motivate the person and lend a certain drive her again. Unhappy or something depressed people can also be helped. This is this essential oil to a panacea for dreary winter time when everything is gray and some people feel dull, exhausted and no prospects.

Depressive symptoms can be greatly reduced with the use of aromatherapy using the essential Cascarilla oils.

Precautions and warnings for the use of Cascarilla oil

As long as the essential oil Cascarilla is used properly, there is no excessive measures of caution. Note, however, that it should not be given without supervision, of course, children.

Profile of Cascarilla


33 kg give 1 l l.

Effects on the body by using Cascarilla oil

The essential oil Cascarilla particular shows very positive effects on the soul. Through a balanced spiritual life and physical ailments can be improved or preemptively prevented.

Effects on the soul by using Cascarilla oil

The essential Cascarilla oil has many beneficial properties and acts very well on the being and the soul of the people. The following properties were discovered:

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