Cedar oil (Juniperus virginiana and Cedrus atlantica)

Cedar, or rather the wood of cedar was, in ancient times the building materials, the kings loved. It was a popular building material, which stood for prestige and strength. Many temples in the Middle East were then built of cedar. In the former Egypt was prepared from this wood jewelry, as well as furniture and ships here, we used the wood in the sarcophagi of the dead pharaohs.

The cedar oil in antiquity

It is thought that the cedar oil was the first oil, which have been prepared from plants. It was used, for example, for all kinds of cosmetics, as a protection against insects or to impregnate wood or paper. It is believed, for example, that the ancient papyrus scrolls of the Egyptians were impregnated with this oil so that they lasted longer. And by the way should also be noted that this timber was used for mummification of the dead, probably also of durability purposes.

Application include:

Respiratory diseases, urinary diseases, hypertension, anxiety, depression, nervousness, aggression, lack of stability, menopausal symptoms, prenatal and birth, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, acne, bad skin, stretch marks, hair loss, protection against insects

The cedar was so popular in ancient Egypt that you angliederte present-day Lebanon to the Egyptian kingdom because there grew particularly large cedars. So they wanted to secure the supply of cedar. Unfortunately, one has the time but a bit exaggerated, because today we find hardly cedars in Lebanon, there are only a few copies left.

The cedar oil that we know today is produced from the so-called Atlas cedar, a of cedar that grows in North Africa. but the oil has the same effect as the oil of the original cedar.

The cedar is up to 30 m high and can be very old, probably up to 2000 years old.

The oil that is used nowadays mainly for perfumes, it produces by steam distillation. The cedar oil has a color similar to honey is viscous, balsamic acts and smells sweet and warm.

Because of its warm and masculine fragrance is often sets a cedar oil with sandalwood.

The essential oil of cedar has a warming and harmonizing effect, they say, it is to donate life. It also has a calming effect on our psyche, it sells fear and releases tension, it comforts us in difficult situations, it also helps against fear and anger, against aggression, it brings us back into balance, it gives us again more strength and dignity ,

The essential oil has an antiseptic effect, it dissolves mucus and it also solves cramps, one can to evaporate, for example, in an incense burner. Like all tree oils it is particularly one of our respiratory system, the effect is intensified for example by allowing beigibt hyssop or sage or even lemon.

The cedar oil is especially on the kidney and the bladder, for example if one is suffering from a bladder infection if you have or burning and pain when urinating suffering from a kidney infection. For this one can use sitz baths and compresses with cedar oil.

Pine also has a very erotic effect on us, that it makes you want to desire. This effect is enhanced for example, by adding jasmine or rose oil, but it is also suitable ylang-ylang and tuberose.

Cedarwood oil gives new strength and supports the mind, it relaxes, soothes, strengthens the lungs, also helps with arteriosclerosis and stimulates the lymphatic system. It helps oily or dry skin, hair loss.

Another important Application is the special effects on the skin, so you can this oil as blemished and oily skin use, so it helps with acne. You can also use rashes and inflammation it but it helps with dandruff, flaky skin, greasy hair or hair loss. In addition, it is used in cellulite, water retention under the skin, also called edema, and jammed lymph.

Profile of cedar oil


30 kg result in a liter of oil.

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