Cinnamon oil(Cinnamomum)

The cinnamon bark oil should be used with caution, because it involves a lot of cinnamic aldehyde, which can cause severe skin problems, if one uses the oil wrong. Cinnamon bark oil is hot and stimulating. Because it can cause serious problems externally applied to the skin, it is mainly used for fragrance blends. But here should be used sparingly so: take only max. 3 drops of the oil.

the cinnamon bark oil

The oil is obtained from the fresh bark of young shoots of the tree.

Because of its pleasant and warming effect of cinnamon is the scent for Christmas, where he brings some warmth and light to the dark days. In addition, the scent of cinnamon to be an aphrodisiac.

The essential oil, which is prepared from cinnamon bark, as a base oil for an incense burner. It stimulates us, it gives us a lot of heat and it also helps us to protect us from colds.

The cinnamon tree grows in the tropical areas, it is evergreen and has strong branches with a scaly bark. The

Essential oil, which is obtained from the bark, is one of the oldest spices that we know. It peels every two years the bark from the trees and gaining from it as well as the cinnamon sticks, which are used for cooking and baking. The essential oil is also gaining from this bark.

The most valuable oils come from the cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Ceylon, one knows, for example, the Ceylon cinnamon, which is considered a particularly high quality. Nowadays, but unfortunately more and more often used the cheap cassia cinnamon instead of the real cinnamon – that has simply the reason that “real” Cinnamon is much more expensive. However, one should be careful when using the cassia cinnamon for baking, because in the hazardous substance is contained coumarin, which is not found in Ceylon cinnamon.

One gets the essential oil by steam distillation of the bark.

The cinnamon bark oil helps among other things, against fungi, bacteria and viruses, so it helps with all sorts of diseases, even preventively. Cinnamon bark oil has an invigorating, warm, comforting, concentration enhancing and stimulating effect, for me Cinnamon is the ideal fragrance for Christmas, the best course in combination with citrus scents such as orange or tangerine, then arises for me immediately a Christmas feeling.

Cinnamon bark is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-parasitic, circulatory tonic, protects against cardiovascular disease, is anticoagulant, it protects our digestive system, helps with infections.

Please note that you dose cinnamon bark oil is very low, and never use pure!

Cinnamon bark oil is one of the most powerful natural antibacterial agents which are known.

It is a classic support oil, because it increases the effect of other oils.

It blends well with citrus oils, such as lemon and orange oil.

Cinnamon bark oil can cause blistering of the skin, therefore apply only on the outside, if you look really (!) So who knows!

I like a mix of cinnamon, black spruce oil and mandarin oil, instilled in winter at Christmas time on a pine cone, because this fragrance has something sublime and very Christmassy for me. It purifies the air and the spirit, it improves mood and helps with stress, to be able to shake it off quickly.

In some places, the oil is also used internally to kill pathogens, for example, or to solve cramping it. It should also help against intestinal parasites. If you wish, please ask explicitly before a professional!

Profile of cinnamon

The cinnamon bark oil – Summary

  • Promotes physical energy, mental awareness and increased physical well-being.
  • Do not use pure on the skin, only mixed with a carrier oil.
  • 1 drop makes internally to a hot cup of hot chocolate before drinking.
  • As a powerful air purifier in the incense burner
  • Enhances the effect of other oils.
  • Strong antibacterial. Good to be used in household cleaning. To do this, 1-2 drops of oil on a wet washcloth.
  • Along with 1 drop of clove oil brings 1 drop cinnamon morning in the oatmeal dripped extra spice. Can be hinzuzufĆ¼gt also the morning coffee.
  • To alleviate depressive phases, type 2 drops of cinnamon and 4 drops of orange in an incense burner.
  • Cinnamon enhances creativity and stimulates new ideas.
  • Transforms low vitality and lack of motivation in pure joy of life.

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