Cistrose (Cistus ladanifer)

Mostly we used the rockrose earlier for fumigations. But of course, the rock rose already had at that time an important role as a remedy, it was used as ulcers, wounds or eczema. The Cistrosenöl is wound-healing, which has now been scientifically proven.

In the 12th and 13th centuries the Cistrosenöl came with the crusaders to us in Europe and conquered equal to its place in the cosmetics, also perfume, it has since been used.

The rock rose blooms from March to June with soft pink flowers that always look a bit rumpled and which can be back after a few hours. The Cistrosenöl has about the same color as honey. It is obtained from the secretions of the leaves of the shrub by using an alcohol extraction.

The scent of rock rose is warm and reminiscent of musk, it is slightly woody and balsamic. As already mentioned you like to use it for perfume – Cistrosenöl has an incomparable complex fragrance that is slightly bitter. However, if it is diluted this fragrance, it loses some of the tartness and adheres more hidden back. This can even go so far that the scent is light aphrodisiac, without directly incident.

The Cistrosenöl has a soothing, wound healing, antispasmodic and stimulating effect on us. Our soul gives the oil heat, gives balance and strengthens the personality, it will open to new ideas. One might almost think that the oil penetrates deep into our soul and brings hidden feelings to the surface.

The oil facilitates meditation, so it is also a popular meditation oil. The heat that it donates helps us about grief or across mental injuries, shocks, but it also has a slightly erotic effect on us.

It used to be used Cistrosenharz for healing wounds and ulcers, was prepared from rockrose also ointments and pads ago. Even today you used Cistrosenöl to treat ulcers and festering wounds, for which one, for example three times soaked envelopes with a diluted oil a day and hangs up. If you suffer from chronic skin diseases, or even from psoriasis or eczema, you can give Cistrosenöl in some jojoba oil and add equal parts Immortellenöl and lavender oil. Then apply the mixture to the affected areas.

If you suffer from skin irritation, swelling, bruises and congestion, you can also use the presented above oil, just like reddened skin, irritated skin or allergic skin complaints. The Cistrosenöl very good remedy for swollen lymph nodes, you can use this as a massage mixture consisting of equal parts of Cistrosenöl and orange oil.

Application areas

Acne, bladder infections, intestinal diseases, diarrhea, loneliness, frigidity, unfeeling, skin inflammation, skin blemishes, lack of confidence, menstrual cramps, nervous insomnia, poorly healing wounds, grief

The Cistrosenöl has an antiseptic effect, it is astringent and stabilizing. Can be used for the care of oily skin, this oil well, so for example, acne, or inflamed skin. Supposedly the Cistrosenöl to have been used in creams and ointments in ancient Egypt.

Cistrosenöl is invigorating yet soothing, meditation supportive, mood-lifting. It supports the respiratory system, helps in the treatment of wounds, stops bleeding, regenerates the tissue.

The Cistrosenöl also strengthens our immune system, so it helps us to stay healthy. When using the Cistrosenöl for inhalation or in bathrooms, germs are repelled by its antibacterial properties. The hemostatic and astringent property of Cistrosenöls helps to heal wounds faster and stop bleeding.

Caution: Do not take internally during pregnancy!

Profile of Cistrosenöl


Steam distillation of the twigs and leaves. 17 kg give 1 l l.

Physical effects

Greatly helps against viruses, against bacteria, cuts into the skin, stops bleeding, relieves cough, dissolves obstructions, stimulates the lymph, tightens the skin and tissue, regenerates the skin, strong skin-caring, positively regulated the autonomic nervous system.

Spiritual effect

Strengthens the soul and raise her up again, strengthens us internally. Experiences that “under the skin went” are solved, so you can process it.

Triggers frigidity.

Harmonizes with

Bergamot, Immortelle, jasmine oil, lavender, mandarin, sea pine, lemon balm oil, neroli, frankincense, orange, patchouli, rose oil, sandalwood, tuberose, ylang-ylang, cedar oil, lemon oil

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