Clary sage – Essential Oil (Salvia sclarea L)

The clary sage grows throughout the Mediterranean and in England. Meanwhile, you can find him but also cultivated in Russia, France, Italy and Spain. In the Middle Ages the clary sage was a popular medicinal plant. However, he was not only valued for its medicinal properties – it also has an intoxicating effect. The aroma of clary sage is known for its antidepressant effect.

The Muscatel sage oil

Previously they gave Muscatel sage oil in beer or wine in so that the effect of alcohol was increased. Today, we no longer do that, but of course you used even today the Muscatel sage.

In the Middle Ages used the Muscatel sage because of its good effect in many diseases, the main applications for the Muscatel sage are but especially in the mental area. Muscatel sage oil creates creativity and inspiration, it opens us to new and unknown, it stimulates the creative force and captured the imagination. The Muscatel sage oil is therefore particularly suitable for people who work in the arts.


The Muscatel sage oil is particularly euphoric, you should therefore not be used in combination with alcohol. Likewise, you should refrain from Muscatel sage oil during pregnancy because labor could be triggered. Also you should not take Muscatel sage oil if you are taking iron-containing medications.

but the Muscatel sage oil solves cramps and tension, it calms us, both physically and mentally. The oil has a relaxing effect, it aids digestion, it promotes menstruation and is effective against bacteria. It inspires and revitalizes our mind, it makes us creative, it is also light aphrodisiac, meaning it makes you want to eroticism.

Mostly used Muscatel sage oil today in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of perfumes and other cosmetics.

The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the whole plant, the oil is slightly nutty, sweet, it is somewhat reminiscent of musk and is also slightly floral.

The clary sage

The clary sage is a big oil when it comes to women’s issues: It is traditionally used when it comes to hot flashes, also it helps with anxiety and depressive states during menopause and is known for its euphoric properties, but it also helps with tension and stress.

Clary sage has the ability to relieve tension and to counteract nervous burdens.

The anticonvulsant and analgesic properties make this oil ideal in mixtures for cramps and muscle stiffness, headaches, migraines and even the so-called irritable bowel syndrome or bloating. You can use it to alleviate pain in childbirth or mitigate menstrual cramps.

Clary sage is used to treat asthma and spasms, it relaxes the bronchial tubes and helps anxiety and emotional tension under which asthmatics often suffer mitigate.

Clary sage is used in skin care for oily skin with excessive sebum production, especially on the scalp, for excessive sweating and of course for soap production and for perfumes.

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