Clementine oil

The Clementine is a so-called hybrid group which belongs to the genus of Citrus plants. The Clementine bears rounded fruit, like the peel of an orange, both the color and in consistency. In fact, the clementines are a mixture of orange and tangerine. However, the clementines are often seedless.

The Clementine tree can be up to six meters high. Its branches are evergreen and without thorns, usually of only thin stature.

The Clementine resists cold spells relatively unscathed, and the maturation of the fruit is not too much heat from hardships – all a very hardy tree in everything!

Originally, the Clementine probably came from the Mediterranean to us. Even today, one can find large growing areas here.

Clementine oil smells lemony, very fruity and sweet. It is thus precisely the trend of children so literally go to such fragrances. Of course you can make the wonderful advantage and therefore make this oil in the nursery. add a few drops of oil in some honey and rub it on a piece of cloth on. but they can also give a few drops on a handkerchief and put it in the room.

Another use is a bath additive with Clementine oil, here is its positive effect on our soul unfolds completely. This oil creates positive thoughts, stress is reduced. Nothing more wonderful than after a long hard day a bathroom with Clementine oil that is my recommendation. To do this, 4 drops Clementine oil and 2 drops of geranium oil in some honey, mix well, and then enter it into the bath water. Some relaxation music pleasure helps. but be careful: Do not use too much of Clementine oil, it can irritate the skin! So always gently dosing.

Clementine oil soothes and gives new energy, awaken the inner soul in us, it purifies the atmosphere and makes it particularly pleasant. The oil is especially helpful for depression and its accompanying horrors, but it also helps against falling asleep, irritability and low mood.

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