Cocoa oil (Theobroma cacao)

Cocoa has a strong heart note, it’s sensual, intoxicating, and it is of course delicious. By the way: Cocoa is also something erotic to have. Cocoa is perfect for creams and soaps suitable, especially, of course, if it is intended for children. Because children love chocolate (and adults).

Cocoa opens the heart chakra, it heals us on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Research shows that cocoa reduces stress and anxiety. Cocoa can also help to reduce cravings and addictions. The aroma of this exquisite essential oil is mystical and magical. Cocoa is advisable to stimulate creativity.

Cocoa oil is a multiplier used to reinforce other essential oils, when mixed with them.

The cocoa oil

The beans from which it produces this oil, already have a long history behind it.

The word “cocoa” is already very old and likely originated in the pre-Mayan Olmec culture.

Every (good) chocolate is made from cocoa, the seed of the fruit of the tree Theobroma cacao. These fruits are also called food of the gods. Native these trees in central American rain forest. The Mayans, Toltecs and Aztecs used these seeds at times even as a currency because they were so precious to them.

The Aztecs were indeed a people that were very close to nature, and so they tried to understand the properties of all the plants in their realm, and they found out that the seeds were very beneficial. The worship cocoa over went at times even to the point that no person was allowed to use except the king and the people at court the seeds, because they saw something divine in the seeds.

The complexity and richness of active ingredients of the cocoa tree and its fabulous fruit and seeds should always remind us how great the potential of rain forests for our health.

Cocoa can dispel depressive moods, for example, it generally improves our health, it reduces stress and anxiety, it makes us happy. Well, a tree that can do that, probably has to be a special tree!

Stories about the cocoa

Recently, scientists found the word “ka-ka-wa” on an old Mayan drinking vessel, it is thousands of years old.

According to an old legend, the famous Casanova is said to have given up drinking champagne in favor of chocolate.

A beautiful old Mayan legend of cocoa is as follows: After the creation of the world, the seas, plants and animals, the Mayan deity had only one remaining task, namely to create humanity. First, the deity with mud then eventually worked with wood, stone – but all to no avail. the deity finally used natural materials such as water, earth, corn and various fruits with divine creativity and intelligence, including cocoa. And it is said that in every man there is something cocoa.

Cocoa oil blends wonderfully with the oils of vanilla, peppermint, rose, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood, tuberose, orange and patchouli.

During a diet of cocoa fragrance can help to suppress the cravings for chocolate.

In perfume mixtures of cocoa brings his erotic effect full effect, it’s a cozy scent that envelops us and gives warmth and security.

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