Coriander oil (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Cilantro, spice and medicinal herb could be the oldest spice in the world, as he was known in many ancient cultures. So it was grown in ancient Egypt, where the seed was ground and mixed into bread, the essential oil was used in religious ceremonies.

The coriander was one of the bitter herbs that has been eaten in the Bible Passover.

In ancient India it was used for magical incantations of the gods and it was an ingredient in many dishes.

The coriander is also intended to be an aphrodisiac – well, try not harm.

In ancient Greece and the Romans, it was believed, coriander would be stimulating and carminative. Dioscorides and Galen praised him as a tonic, other doctors, in turn, kept the coriander for a poison.

It used to be frequently used coriander in obstetrics: put a few coriander seeds on the thighs of the woman, while the birth was in progress, and the pain would pass. In addition, a woman should get pregnant faster when they ate some seeds regularly. The menstruation should thus be easier.

The coriander oil

Coriander oil is known as a refreshing, stimulating oil for the mind. It may help to dispel fatigue, especially when you mix it with other anabolic oils such as orange and rosemary.

Coriander oil is also suitable for headaches, muscle tension, and in reducing the pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis and muscle spasms.

The aroma of coriander oil is lemony and alive. Massage blends of coriander oil, bergamot oil or balsam fir oil are good for muscle pain and stiffness.

The coriander oil is aromatherapeuthisch used against fatigue, rheumatism and fever.

Used externally helps coriander to relieve facial pain, even toothache, facial spasms and can also help with pain from shingles in the face.

A little history for coriander oil and its dangers

In an oil distillery tipped a 50 liter oil container with coriander oil (which is about 5 tons coriander seeds corresponded) around and got lost on the concrete floor.

Eight workers came to clean up the mess, but it was too late: The oil had found its way into every crevice. but the workers were diligent and still tried their best, but the atmosphere was more unbearable.

After half an hour they all started laughing, giggling and telling each other jokes, they seemed the misfortune to make out anything.

But a short time later they were aggressive and loud, went at each other. The boss who came to had to get help and the workers separate. Who knows what would have happened if no one had come to.

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