Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Upright and just as it is, straightforward, it shows straight to heaven: the cypress. And just as the Cypress itself is, so is the essential oil contained in it: It is straight, not playful and just right if you do not manage to put his ideas into action. This oil brings us back to reality and help us return from the dream world into real life. One might almost think it is telling us “tear yourself together yet.”

The cypress oil

But of course the essential oil of cypress also has a typical for her scent, which always something reminds me of cemetery and funeral.

Actually in the southern countries in cemeteries often cypress, which is probably because the cypress is an evergreen and is a sign of eternal life.

Earlier, and even today, the cypress was considered a sacred tree. It was planted in temples or palaces. Among the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks it was a symbol of death and mourning. In the Christian religion the cypress is considered a sign of eternal life.

The essential oil of cypress is, as already mentioned, very straight forward, it helps us to focus and limit ourselves to what is important. You can collect his thoughts better and classify and it keeps us from getting lost us on tangents.

In addition, the scent of cypress and oil consolation contained in it gives when a dear man died. So comforts the oil if you have to cry a lot, for example after a breakup or a death, it strengthens our nerves and builds us up again.

but the oil also helps to focus helps us and it brings us back to the bottom of the facts, if we are too cocky.

The essential oil of Cypress also helps with a weak connective tissue as it has astringent and tonic effect. It also helps in varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

In aromatherapy is the cypress oil often used along with lemon oil or geranium oil.

The essential oil is an expectorant and dissolves cramps, one can therefore use good for coughs and colds.

Nowadays, it is used even with bronchitis or whooping cough. The essential oil is antibacterial and helps fight infections, it expands the bronchi and may well in fragrance lamps are used as ointment for the back or the chest or in a full bath.

The cypress oil balances the hormonal balance, it is therefore in prostate diseases or cysts on the ovaries using. This is done with the oil in the form of an ointment or as an additive in a full bath.

The oil of Cypress stops bleeding and helps to ensure that wounds are closed faster, you can also use it at too heavy menstrual bleeding.

If you suffer from sweaty feet, so foot baths can help with the oil. You should also feet with an ointment that you admit cypress oil use.

Cypress oil supports the circulation, refreshing, harmonizing, soothing in winter, helps digestion, nourishes oily and mature skin.

If you suffer from acne, the oil of Cypress can also make wonderful help. It has an astringent property and also can also help with cellulite.

Profile of Cypress


Steam distillation of fruits and twigs

70-100 kg each result in 1 l l.

Cypress oil – Ingredients

Ua Sylvestren, Sabinol, Pinen, Camphen, Cymen

Effect of cypress oil to the soul

Helps to focus on the essentials in life. Is a Trster with grief and sorrow.


I feel safe, strong and connected to the earth.

Cypress oil harmonizes with:

Benzoin, bergamot oil, rock rose, geranium, lavender, lime, mastic, sea pine, clary sage, myrtle, orange oil, verbena, juniper oil, lemon oil

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