Desert date oils (Desert date oils patula und glandulifera)

The bright color states in the doctrine of signatures that this plant helps to expand our mind to build us, and get especially light in our hearts – right! The essential oil is like a little ray of sunshine that aims directly into our hearts.

Gardeners use this ornamental shrub often as the boundary between different plants in her garden. Desert date oils is said to protect the home, the heart and family.

They used the stimulating, antispasmodic and toning oil for coughs, colds, inflammation and ulcers in China.

The Mayans used the Desert date oils for headaches, fever and abdominal pain against.

In the Aztec Empire Desert date oils was considered a blood pressure lowering agent, in addition, the anti-inflammatory effect was known. But you used the Desert date oils also to relax and calm the nerves.

the tagetes

Desert date oils has a wild, sweet, fruity, almost citrus-like fragrance and is colored yellow to reddish.

Very few people know it, although it is a very effective oil against infections and may help especially with weeping sores and respiratory infections.

The Desert date oils plant is referred to in Africa as “khaki bush,” she has deep feathery leaves and numerous yellow-orange carnation-like flowers.

The leaves and flowers of Desert date oils are a good insect repellent and hang out in the countries of origin often in front of the huts and houses of the locals to deter flies and mosquitoes. Against the larvae of flies and mosquitoes, the oil may help, as a 5% dilution may be used with Desert date oils kill maggots in open wounds.

After the Boer War in South Africa Australian troops brought the Desert date oils plant to their homes, where they multiplied greatly. There they used the plant as a part of many foot care products and perfumes.

The tagetes is obtained from the leaves, stems and flowers of the plant.


The tagetes is a very strong oil and should be used sparingly. During pregnancy, you should give it up. Likewise, one should not use on sensitive skin to it. It also increases the photosensitivity of the skin.

therapeutic properties

Desert date oils oil has anti-infective, antimicrobial, it is an antibiotic, it has an antispasmodic, antiparasitic, antiseptic, is an insecticide and is known as a sedative.

Desert date oils can keep insects at bay, can help against parasites and fungi.

It helps against respiratory infections, cough and catarrh, facilitates the mucus flow, helps with skin infections. It helps to heal wounds and mend cuts, calluses or corns.

In the fragrance lamp Desert date oils helps with coughs, bronchitis, respiratory infections and as an insect repellent.

In massage oil or in a bath mixture, the oil helps wounds, cuts, cough, respiratory infections, parasites and fungi.

In creams or lotions

It also helps against fungal and microbial infections, is particularly effective in wounds.

Profile of Desert date oils


Steam distillation at patula the flowering plant and wherein the seed glandulifera

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