Edeltanne (Abies alba)

Hippocrates later also spoke about the healing properties of pine resin and Saint Hildegard of Bingen called the scent of pine needles particularly balsamic and very invigorating. Hildegard described particularly the use of the resin of the silver fir, which she described as particularly useful for the treatment of fresh wounds in her Physica.

Even Kräuterpfarrer Kneipp took on the silver fir, in his writings on medicinal plants, he described the white fir detail.

The Silver Fir can reach an age of 500 years and are an incredible 70 feet tall. It belongs to the pine family.

In herbal medicine is used as the silver fir traditionally used to treat bladder infections, frostbite, sweating, skin ulcers, Lungenblähungen, White River, varicose veins, bronchitis and scurvy.

Effect of the essential oil of silver fir

The essential oils of silver fir act expectorant, antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation, diuretic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic and antimicrobial. Used mainly essential oils from the fresh needles and cones of the fruit. In folk medicine the way you collect and the resin of the tree, which is to protect against tooth discomfort when you chew it.

Like other needle oils also this oil works well in the cold season, and also preventive. It fights viruses and bacteria, it unblocks, it inhibits inflammation, for example in the lungs and throat. The body’s immune system is strengthened, so that infections are better overcome, and you can breathe deeply again. The noble fir oil incidentally also cleans the air, one therefore earlier smoky and pine branches in hospital rooms.

In massage oils, the silver fir help, for example, against rheumatic pain in a muscle soreness, it warms the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

Effect on the psyche

Edeltanne strengthens our resistance, it gives us hope and strength, it addresses us again when we have suffered a setback. This fragrance creates confidence and gives new joy in life, it has a slightly anti-depressive. It is in difficult life in the hustle and bustle, it gives us the strength and courage to keep going and not give up. but it also gives us a clear view of everything that happens around us and strengthens our decisiveness.


The white fir is severely irritating to the skin and therefore should only be dosed very sparingly. 2 drops per 100 carrier oil should be the maximum. In bathing mixes should not use more than one drop per full bath. People with sensitive skin or in children should take even less.

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