Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus is generally known to be fresh, sharp, camphor-like scent often met in mouthwashes, cold remedies and sauna. Eucalyptus oil is due to its intensity well to clean the air and comfortable for breathing in colds. Eucalyptus oil is often used as an additive to Saunaaufguss, it activates the breathing and promotes the oxygenation of all body cells.

The name of the eucalyptus probably comes from Greek and can be translated as “well covered”. The eucalyptus is the main food for the Australian Koala bear, in fact, it is believed that they eat nothing else.

Eucalyptus is now growing not only in Australia but also in Algeria, Egypt, South America, India and the Iberian Peninsula it is now grown. in the Mediterranean alone there are fifty varieties.

The eucalyptus tree is one of the tallest trees that grow on the earth, its roots grow deep into the earth until they find the deepest aquifers. This ability to extract water from the soil, they made earlier in areas advantage in which it often came to malaria. Because the tree withdrew the ground water so that the mosquitoes that transmit malaria could not put their eggs. He got the name because of fever tree.

Indigenous Australians, but also the colonizers who settled in Australia, saw a kind of all-purpose remedy with eucalyptus.

The yellowish essential oil is still considered as one of the best remedies for many ailments, especially, of course, when it comes to respiratory diseases. Each of us probably knows the Eukalyptusbonbons that one takes for coughs. The eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, so it helps to pathogens. Probably it is even one of the strongest antiseptic agents that grow naturally.


Respiratory diseases, urinary tract infections, fever, rheumatism, muscle pain, wounds, blemishes, acne, sluggishness, lack of drive

One gets the essential oil of eucalyptus by steam distillation of the leaves, the scent is light lemony camphor, not necessarily particularly positive flashy, but still stimulating and refreshing for us.

The eucalyptus oil has an antiseptic effect, especially on the urinary tract and the respiratory tract. It triggers spasms and obstructions, it drives the urine, and cleanses the blood. Eucalyptus oil helps to heal wounds faster.

In a Fragrance lamp oil helps prevent the spread of germs in rooms, for example, the common cold and flu season.

Eucalyptus oil also increases the ability of the body’s cells to absorb oxygen.

The Eucalyptus oil is an ideal remedy for asthma, in a cold, in influenza, bronchitis or angina. You can use the essential oil of eucalyptus in the form of an inhalation in an incense burner or as a balm for the chest. These mixtures are recommended with other oils, for example, pine needles, pine, stone pine or Niaouli.

Eucalyptus increases concentration and stimulates us. The blood sugar level is reduced by the oil.

Profile of eucalyptus oil


But now also in Asia, Arabia and Europe.

There are about 600 different species.

Effect of eucalyptus on the soul


Encourages thinking and soothes

Aids concentration

Steam distillation of young leaves

50 kg give 1 l l.

Fragrance and color

The oil has a fresh haunting fragrance, it smells a little camphor, it smells “healthy”. The scent is very well known to us.

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