Fennel oil (Foeniculum vulgare)

The process of steam distillation is used for the extraction of essential oil of fennel. For this one uses the fresh or bitter fennel and takes from this the crushed seeds. For one gram of this essential fennel oil about 50 grams of the crushed plant seeds are needed.

The scent of fennel oil

The essential oil of fennel is known for its spicy smell. Depending on the particular composition of the perfume for example, reminding anise and menthol, or in other cases, to the somewhat bitter camphor.

The possible uses of fennel oil

The essential oil of fennel has various applications. It is particularly well known and often used over and over again but with digestive difficulties. It helps, for example, in:

  • Relieve stomach cramps
  • Mitigation of fullness
  • Calm the entire digestive
  • Solution of flatulence
  • Calming the stomach after eating too much

Another popular application of the essential oil of fennel are colds or other respiratory diseases. The use can take place in various forms. The following options are known:

  • Use in the form of ointments
  • Inhalation of solutions with essential oil
  • Who is struggling with inflamed eyes, it can with solutions to try in which the Fennel essential oil can show its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect can also be used when performing gargles.
  • To alleviate acute symptoms occurring, it is helpful to have a few drops of the essential fennel oil to drip into a handkerchief and then inhale the smell right away.

Women’s Health also makes repeatedly use of this medicinal plant. So the fennel helps for example with period pain. It can also be used in women who are currently breastfeeding, since the plant to stimulate milk production contributes.

Also at Fennel is a substance which is often an ingredient in various personal care products. In particular bath products or shampoos to use this essential oil frequently.

The food industry uses always come back to the herb fennel. So it is a component of various flavor blends. For example, when the Ouzo fennel extracts are irreplaceable.

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