Immortelle oil – Essential Oil (Helichrysum italicum)

The oil can also help well in times of change, such as by separation or the loss of a loved one. You sit easily with the environment apart, instead of being overwhelmed by it. For the purposes of an incense burner or in a massage oil is recommended.

Fragrance lamp

The scent of immortelle is grounding and can open the door to the unconscious. Here a mixture of trances, imaginary journeys and psychotherapy sessions. Ingredients: 4 drops Immortelle, 3 drops of Cistus and 2 drops of grapefruit.

For coughs, hoarseness and bronchitis, you can avail the expectorant, anti-inflammatory properties of Immortelle well in this form.

Ingredients: 4 drops Immortelle, 4 drops of cypress and 3 drops of bergamot

Massage oil

While a good massage often repressed feelings of grief and fears are high that have somatisiert in muscle tension. A massage oil with Immortelle can promote those processes of problem solving and relieve the soul. On a physical level, rain massage with this oil to the lymphatic and detoxification via the liver and kidneys.

Ingredients: 3 drops Immortelle on 1 tablespoon almond or jojoba oil. Gently massage with long, slow stroking movements.

Washes and compresses

For acne, blemished and inflamed skin you can solve a few drops Immortelle in alcohol and diluted with water to dab the affected areas. Another possibility: Combine with other acne suitable oils such as chamomile or yarrow.


Ingredients: 8 drops Immortelle and 20 drops of lavender oil to 50 ml and 50 ml of St. John’s wort aloe vera oil. Mix well and apply to the affected area.


From an internal application should be avoided because serious side effects can occur!

Immortellenessenz not suitable for internal administration. There are the essence as Absolue. This form but is not suitable for use in aromatherapy. If you use Immortelle as a room fragrance, you should follow the dosage regimens. Overdosed the potent essence can dampen the mood.

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