Iris oil (Iris florentina, pallida u. geranica)

The iris, another name of the iris is a plant that can be between 30 and 100 cm tall. As the name suggests, it has sword-shaped leaves. It has at the top of several large blooms that white, light to dark purple or pale to dark blue can be. It is the iris, which often grows in our gardens, very similar. The iris, which is one of the irises, blooms from May to June.

The Iris oil

His name should have received the Iris oil from the Greek physician Hippocrates himself: Because of their blaze of color that reminded him of a rainbow, he gave her the name of the goddess of the rainbow.

The iris can be up to 1 m tall and can adapt to their growing area wonderful.

They can be found in humid and sunny areas such as on the banks of streams and rivers, but they are also found in shady spots under trees.

One finds Irises in Europe, but they are grown downright in southern France and Tuscany.

The Iris oil is used almost exclusively in perfumes or body oils. Of course, the cosmetics industry loves this wonderful aroma and makes all sorts of creams and facial oils with Iris Oil ago, which has a wound-healing, cleansing and nourishing effect on the skin.

But it is also used for scenting rooms.

Previously used it also for medicinal purposes, the roots of the iris, so they gave them as young children so that they could chew on when they got teeth. Produced during chewing mucus has a slightly cooling effect, he also soothes the gums and helps something for the pain.

The Iris oil is next to the rose oil and jasmine oil one of the most expensive essential oils, which is why you hardly encountered it and used themselves. The extremely high price caused by the fact because the yield is very small in the production. So you need 100 kg roots in order to win 100 g of oil. In addition, the cost of care for the iris plants during growth are very high and the costs of storing the roots also propose to book, as they must be up to three years deposited before you can continue to process it.

Iris oil so hardly anyone will use it for their own use if you have but once something stand Iris oil right should be enjoyed strictly to the unique and wonderful scent. The Iris oil can more than any other oil envelop with his scent, which gives us so much heat.

The Iris oil has a strong harmonizing effect, it can bring spiritual walls in our case basis, which are then built, for example, if you are constantly insulted.

The Iris oil also purifies the blood and dissolves the mucus (for example, cough), but as I said, because it is so expensive, you will hardly want to use it.

Characteristics of Iris oil


Steam distillation of 2 – 3 years mounted roots

700 – 1000 kg each result in 1 l l.

Effect on the iris oil the soul

Is security.

Can dreams and fantasies scope.

In the psychological realm

The oil gives you strength and mental strength as well as in times of crisis.

To this are added some of it in an incense burner. A drop of 1% alcohol mixture ranges!

Also, a body oil, as well as a 1% mixture can provide more internal force.

The oil is wonderful for sad children, such as when the parents divorced. It gives these children spiritual strength. The same is true for a long time sick people who lose faith in a recovery.

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