Irony oil (Verbena officinalis L + odorata L)

The verbena is especially interesting for women, earlier that oil is used in the final stages of childbirth. They gave the women a tea from the leaves of verbena, so that the contractions of the uterus were stimulated. Meanwhile, this effect has also been scientifically proven, and so today the midwives take verbena oil to induce childbirth. So you should definitely avoid this oil as a pregnant woman, as it can otherwise lead to premature births.

This oil can also be used to wonderful massage purposes, so you can, for example, massaging the feet with a cream of adding something verbena oil. Athletes can the muscles and skin toning, strengthening and refreshing, if they admit your shower gel something verbena oil.

The essential verbena oil is relatively expensive, so it is often the case that the oil is extended with lemongrass oil and is sold under the name of Indian verbena. There is also a variety verbena Grasse, which is actually almost entirely of lemongrass oil, because it is actually only 10% verbena oil. Of course, the effect of these oils is correspondingly less than hundred percent verbena oil.

Physical effects

But enormously reassuring at the same time it also promotes concentration.

It inhibits inflammation and pain. It stimulates the central nervous system, as well as the labor, which is why you should avoid during pregnancy it.

Psycho-spiritual effects

Fear is reduced, depressive moods are balanced, as nervous exhaustion.

Profile of verbena oil

Effect of Verbena on the soul

  • fears
  • Stimulating or calming
  • Balancing
  • Soothing to the soul
  • Depression
  • Depending on the dosage harmonizing
  • Can exceed the limits.
  • Life Tonic
  • Motivationslosigkeit
  • Nervous exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Stresssymptome
  • Shows the beauty of life.


100 kg yield 1 l of oil.

Farbe des Olesen

Slightly greenish to light yellow

Fragrance and color

However, the scent is very clear and strict, a little lemony, barely sweet.

It resembles the lemongrass is often used, which, however, much more clearly smells of lemon and will not appear so clear.

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