Jasmine oil – Essential Oil (Jasminum grandiflorum L. sambac)

Jasmine is one of the most precious and finest scents of the earth, it is contained only in the most expensive perfumes. Jasmin acts especially on the emotional level: it soothes, lifts the mood, leaves a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria produced and it affects aphrodisiac.

The jasmine oil

Jasmin is originally from northern India to us where we are aware of the healing power and effect of jasmine for centuries: So Jasmin is celebrated as Queen of the Night or queen of flowers, there are countless depictions of jasmine in the context of love scenes. Jasmine is so associated always been with love and eroticism.

The jasmine was in the Middle Ages to Spain, from where he was then circulated to all corners of Europe.

The jasmine flowers are harvested by hand in the night or early morning, before the sun rises, so that the largest possible amount comes out of essential oil from the flowers. Jasmin has a long-lasting flavor and is so strong that a sufficient drop in a 30 ml mixture, for example, for a massage.

Jasmin has a special place in skin care and it is often used for dry, sensitive skin. It can be added to creams, oils, shampoos and face masks. Or you can also add a relaxing bath.

Jasmine helps to relieve pain, it strengthens contractions and it is also commonly used for postnatal recovery. but to know Important: Jasmine can inhibit milk production!

The jasmine oil is probably one of the oils which are brought most closely with femininity and sensuality in connection – it’s called the oil of eroticism, because it has a very beguiling effect, especially on women. It is hardly surprising therefore that this oil is contained in perfumes that are to be particularly beguiling.

To describe the scent of jasmine oil falls naturally very hard, you can generally try beguiling it though. The jasmine oil increases our imagination allows us to express our feelings and admit you can easily open towards other people, thereby the willingness to surrender, even during lovemaking increases.

In addition, the jasmine oil is antispasmodic, what you can do to take advantage, for example in case of symptoms during menstruation, but also for headaches. The jasmine oil also helps skin discomfort and nervousness.


Back, limb and muscle pain, impotence, frigidity, childbirth, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, dermatitis, dry skin or psychologically related skin problems.

An almost legendary effect has the jasmine oil to the female genital organs, so this oil relieves the symptoms of problems with the uterus and helps with menstrual disorders, no matter what kind they are. It is the oil due to this effect on the uterus also nowadays in obstetrics one.

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