Juniper oil (Juniperus communis)

The juniper tree that belongs to the family of cypresses, has been revered in ancient times: The ancient Germans used its smoke to ward off evil spirits. In the Middle Ages was to be distributed by burning juniper branches, the plague and other dangerous diseases, they burned incense apartments from juniper. The juniper has short and needle-like leaves, its branches bear in the fall of dark berries. The slightly yellowish oil is obtained by steam distillation from the dried berries, it smells very fruity and aromatic.

The essential oil builds us and strengthens us, at the same time it soothes us and increases our concentration.

It stimulates digestion, has a laxative effect, it purifies the blood and purifies, it also drives the urine.

The juniper oil has a strong disinfecting and cleansing effect, it triggers spasms and helps that wounds heal better. In addition, it helps with low blood pressure, gout and rheumatism, even with lumbago can use it. It can also help with inflammation on the skin.

Juniper purifies body and mind, detoxifies and purifies the liver, kidneys and bladder. Juniper oil supports the digestive system, helps us eliminate toxins.

For the most part but is used for diseases of the urinary tract, for example, for the treatment of cystitis.

In the psychic realm us supports juniper oil, if we want to leave old patterns and if we are plagued by negative thoughts. In general, the juniper oil helps whenever you feel negative energy around it and you want to sell them. This is the case, for example, after an argument.

The juniper oil can be used in highly oily skin, skin impurities, as well as cellulite. In addition, one can use for rubbing it in muscle tension.

Its pleasant fragrance makes the oil and for use as a bath additive, for massage oils or soaps interesting.


Physical and mental weakness, anxiety, listlessness, nervousness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, urinary tract inflammation, cough, indigestion, flatulence, muscle aches, sore muscles, lumbago, skin infections, ulcers, acne, varicose veins, wounds, minor injuries, rheumatism, arthritis, detox, painful and lack of menstruation.


The juniper oil should not be used during pregnancy you!

Profile of juniper


Steam distillation of wood and berries

50-200 kg each result in one liter of oil.

Fragrance direction

Spicy, fine, balsamic, slightly sweet

Effect on the soul of juniper

  • Purifies the environment of negative influences to z. B. Streit.
  • Gives confidence and strength.
  • Helps to let go of old patterns and negative thoughts.
  • Letting go helps emotions.
  • Feelings that threaten to overwhelm one, lose their power.

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