Lemon – Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum)

The lemon comes from ancient China where they early as the tenth century. Chr. Was cultivated. They came from there to Persia and was brought by Alexander the Great to Greece. The lemon spread through the Arab countries and with the Crusaders, they came to us in Europe.

The lemon was particularly popular in Europe, it became clear that the vitamins contained could help against scurvy, one of the worst diseases in the Middle Ages, especially with sailors. However, the lemon can do even more and also found the people at that time out quickly: It also helps against fever, which was triggered by infections, digestive problems, skin problems, arthritis and skin care. For the people of that time, the lemon was a real treasure!

The essential oil of lemon is very versatile, so you can use it for a variety of medicinal purposes. It can be also very good mix with other essential oils.

The lemon is a so-called diamond plant that can be found around the whole Mediterranean today, the course also still growing in Asia and America. The essential oil is typical yellow and is obtained by a so-called cold pressing of the shell. Immediately, the wonderfully fresh and typical smell of lemon makes.

The lemon sharpens our minds and strengthens the memory, it activates our mind. The essential oil helps us in emotionally difficult times and in uncertain situations, it brightens our mood and gives us a clear view of the situation.

But the lemon oil is also very fruity, you can also call it sweet, it has sometimes for me something fine in itself. I use it like in a diffuser or in a urinal cake when I’m working. Sun is also recommended to use citrus scents in offices, because this mental performance is increased. According to a study from America have secretaries, who were sitting in an office, where it smelled of lemon, half made many spelling mistakes as others. You can even enhance the effect, in addition, if you give something to hyssop.

Lemon oil has a strong disinfecting effect, it lowers fever and inhibits inflammation, also it lowers blood pressure and improves digestion.

When, once again sniffing time, the lemon oil can help to ensure that the disease does not spread too quickly in the family. The oil is antibacterial and suppresses infections. You can use it, for example, herpes if form on the lips small bubbles. Then added some lemon oil in some honey, all mixed well together and transfer it to the bubbles.

Lemon oil thins the blood, at the same time it strengthens the veins. It can therefore wonderful as rub and massage oil, natural diluted with another oil, used in weak veins or varicose veins. , there are blends with lemon oil, orange oil, cypress oil and Mastic. Enter equally few drops of oils in jojoba oil and massage the body affected areas so that a.

The lemon oil also has a particularly supportive effect on the liver, it helps them to regenerate when they had previously been damaged by disease. In addition, the flow of bile is promoted. , there are compresses with lemon oil, which one hangs up in the liver. To do so equally Immortellenöl and lemon oil, five drops of each should be enough to loosen in some honey and then place in hot water. then soak the compress it and place it on the body.

The lemon oil stimulates, as I said, the psyche, it can be also for depression, stress, for a lack of ability to concentrate, during exam situation or during use of recovery. It also soothes our nerves, amplified the effect, if you are a little lavender oil or ylang-ylang so.

The use of lemon oil

The fruit and its ingredients are responsible for the cure of many diseases, which is especially due to its antiseptic properties in our world. The lemon helps, for example, for colds and sniffles, flu-like infections or bronchitis and asthma. Since the lemon has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it can be used as an additive to detergents also wonderful in places where it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, such as in children’s rooms, hospitals and restaurants. And of course the lemon cleanse then not only, and the resulting fragrance is a signal to us that something has been done for hygiene.

Lemon oil is very strong-cleaning, antibacterial, antitumor, antiseptic. It purifies, relaxes, it helps in atherosclerosis, increases concentration, it helps with circulation problems, acts as an antidepressant, is brightening up your mood, increases memory retention, helps against warts, strengthens our immune system, it helps in infections of all kinds, it also helps in digestive problems ,

High blood pressure – helps Lemon

If you suffer from high blood pressure, it can help if you regularly soles of your feet with lemon oil diluted in a little honey or jojoba oil, rub.

Lemon oil can also help against obesity, cellulite or against blemished skin: Massage regularly update the skin on the affected area with diluted lemon oil.

The lemon oil is of course because of its astringent (astringent) effect particular attention from the medical and cosmetic Applications. You can, for example, a drop of this oil diluted with a drop of jojoba oil, place on your face and gently massage, twice a day. This promotes cleansing of the skin, it tightens the skin, shrinks the pores, it should even make wrinkles disappear.

For concentration and memory lemon scents promote the concentration, which has already been mentioned, but they also increase our memory. In long learning phases, for example in the study, you can make the advantage. Make an incense burner on citrus oils, or imagine a urinal cake to your desk. But inhaling the fragrance of this oil can also distribute anxiety and depression. It conferring greater zest and vitality in life.

Lemon oil also helps against bloating and too much air in the stomach. If this were caused by indigestion, it may help if you rub your belly regularly with diluted lemon oil, beautiful and gentle clockwise.


The lemon oil can make the skin more sensitive to light, so you should not go directly into the sun or in a solarium after a massage or rub with lemon oil.

The lemon oil is not durable, so it should be stored cool and used up as soon as possible.

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