Orange oil(Citrus aurantium dulcis, sinensis)

The Orange is originally from China, but is growing today in all subtropical areas. The most important feature of the oil lies in its expanding effect on body and mind by relaxing the smooth muscles. Already the scent a feeling of expansion and relaxation at all levels.

Orange oil has a very warm female scent. The oil helps combat the effects of the lack of light in winter (winter depression). The oil stimulates the pineal gland and balances the pituitary gland. It may stimulate the production of the hormone enkephalin (brightening up your mood).

Blood Orange is a popular children’s fragrance, the nervous beings can relax and fall asleep. Blood Orange also cleans very well the air, for. Example, cooking fumes, without remembering detergent. In aromatherapy Orange oil is considered mood-lifting.

The orange oil

The orange oil has a stimulating effect on our internal organs, especially in our stomach, but also to the intestine, kidney, bladder and even the heart. Similarly, the yes is made from the bitter orange as neroli oil, orange oil dissolves cramps and soothes the stomach. The orange oil is also used for skin care, it tightens a poor connective tissue, that can help against cellulite. It is also effective against pain and against weakness in the mental area it has a brightening effect on us and reassured us during stressful times. It is said in the orange oil the sun is stored, and it would bring sunlight into our lives. In fact, the essential oil cheers us, it can disappear fears.

The orange comes from China, she has therefore probably also get the name of “China-apple”. The orange tree contributes to the heyday pretty little white flowers from which later grow oranges.


Anxiety, bloating, bladder disorders, diarrhea, fever, palpitations, stomach cramps, nervousness, kidney problems, poor circulation Skin, Sadness, indigestion, gingivitis, cellulitis

Meanwhile, the orange trees grow with their evergreen, glossy leaves, of course, everywhere in the world where the weather is correspondingly warm, so for example, in Israel, America, Morocco and, of course, around the Mediterranean.

Children especially like the fruity and warm scent of orange oil, can this fragrance, for example, as little help use sleep. Another variant of use is the addition in food, because a drop of orange oil in a cake, in desserts or in mulled wine are the special touch.

Orange oil is immune system strengthening, muscle relaxant, anticoagulant, stimulating blood circulation, helps with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, indigestion. It is also very mood enhancing and antidepressant.

The essential oil is obtained by cold pressing of orange peel, and it has one, you may not believe it, orange color. Orange oil smells lemony and very fruity.

Buyer of orange oil you should make sure that it is not contaminated with pesticides, because these pesticides come in the production often with in the oil into it.

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