Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini)

The scent is pleasant and slightly rose-like. One often uses Palmarosa why one to replace the outrageously expensive real rose oil. In aromatherapy Palmarosa is used because of its balancing and harmonizing fragrance for stress and hassle. In combination with almond oil is also uses it for massage oils.

The Palmarosa oil

The essential palmarosa oil is obtained by steam distillation of some dried stems, flowers and leaves of grass. The scent of this oil always reminds me a little of a rose therefore is often used instead of rose oil.

But Palmarosa can only smell even more than good, it helps as wonderful for skin problems. So it helps in skin irritation, it is antiseptic and skin-caring. It also drives the sweat, is therefore suitable as an antipyretic in the cold season. It also strengthens the immune system and has a fungicidal effect, what you can do, for example, to treat fungal infections, such. As athlete’s foot, advantage.

Palmarosa oil is an excellent massage oil, for example as a mixture of almond oil for foot massages.

Palmarosa oil has its skin application in cosmetics, and of course in aromatherapy. It has, for example, a brightening effect, so it can positively influence our mind, for example, during the long winter months.

An air-freshener to this mixtures are suitable with floral scents where it can show its fruity note very well. But also mixtures with lemon grass, verbena oil, chamomile oil and sandalwood oil are wonderful scent sources for any room.

Palmarosa oil gives strength, has a harmonizing effect, gives positive emotions, is an antidepressant, cheers, gives new strength, distributes fear, especially in children, and gives peace.

Using palmarosa oil

Palmarosa oil calms the mind and clarifies in confusion.

It is used to counter physical and nervous exhaustion, stress-related problems and nervousness.

It is very useful in convalescence, it cools the body from fever. It aids in digestion and helps eliminate intestinal infection. It is also effective in relieving muscle pain and stiff muscles.

Palmarosa oil gives the skin moisture back and stimulates cell regeneration.

It balances the production of sebum, it keeps the skin supple and elastic, it helps for example acne. It prevents scarring, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, combats minor skin infections, helps with sore tired feet and athlete’s foot.

In the fragrance lamp palmarosa oil can help in convalescence. It relieves stress, nervousness, fatigue and tiredness, it clears the mind.

Massage oil or in the bath

In a massage oil or diluted in the bath palmarosa oil can also be used in convalescence, for. Example, exhaustion, fatigue, nervousness and stress, strengthen the digestive system, as well as to the recovery of the skin.

Washing lotions and creams

Palmarosa oil clears infections and prevents scarring when washing out wounds so (diluted, of course, not pure!).

If included in creams or lotions Palma Rosa, it has a moisturizing effect on the skin, it helps prevent wrinkles, like the natural secretion of sebum from.

It supports the formation of new tissue and rejuvenates and regenerates the skin. It is very useful in combating a too dry skin.

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