Petit Grain (Citrus aurantium)

Through its invigorating and refreshing scent, the Petit grain oil of course is wonderful for all kinds of fragrance mixtures, which act as a stimulating effect on our soul. And in feel-good bath mixtures can use this oil wonderful, as an additive in shower gels and shampoos.

But not only the fragrance makes it so valuable, even the anti-stress effect of petit grain makes it so so recommended. And by the way it cleans our skin in a gentle way, for example if you have oily and blemished skin or acne and suffering from pimples and pustules.

Because of this, Petit Grain also found in numerous care products especially for our face, usually as a cream or as a nourishing and cleansing oil. It inhibits inter alia the sebum of the skin, which is very important for acne, but what can also help with dandruff.

In aromatherapy is used, Petit grain oil alternate depression and also against depressive moods.

Petit grain oil goes well with other floral and fruity oils, or even sandalwood or patchouli.

Fruitiness and lightness – this is the motto of Petit Grain.

It seems amusing, encouraging, helps against grief and sorrow, distributes depressive mood, gives new creativity and good humor, support actions and ideas. It stimulates and supports, but like us internally and from and promotes concentration on the fun side of life.

It is attractive, beguiling, fresh – a fragrance that fits the bright side of life or it shows us if they are just not there.

Petitgrain is applied in all sorts of cosmetic products and is also useful in a perfume for perfuming the air of the spaces.

Profile of Petit Grain


Steam distillation of twigs, leaves and unripe fruit

100-200 kg each result in one liter of oil.

Petit grain oil – Ingredients

U.a. Citral, Pyrrol, Furfurol, Linalylacetat, Camphen, Farnesol, Nerol, Dipenten, Gerniol, Linalool, Pinen

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