Pine water (Pinus cembra)

If you are traveling in the higher regions of the Alps, one can see one of the most resistant trees of the mountains: the stone pine. No other tree can endure this extremely large temperature variations between summer and winter as good as this species. The stone pine needs a lot of light, also seems to love this height. If they are planting in a valley where there is less light, it will probably take.

There are many stories and legends about the stone pine, for example, that spirits live in the stone pine that protect walkers before the crash.

And just as the tree is, so is the Swiss pine oil: It includes a lot of strength, it gives a lot of security. In addition, the essential oil kills germs. It cleans the air, as if you were in the high Alps. You can mix well with eucalyptus oil, mint, verbena oil, bergamot oil or lemongrass and this mixture then place in an incense burner, so you scented the living rooms so that the Swiss pine oil, for example.

The Swiss pine oil stimulates us, it strengthens our will, it gives us new courage and self-confidence, it increases assertiveness.

In times of convalescence, so if you have a serious illness left behind helps us oil Zirbelkiefer to get fit quickly. Can be used in a fragrance lamp it to, but you can also perform baths and massages it.

The scent of the stone pine often is also used in all kinds of perfumes, but because of the bitter scent it is probably intended more for men than women.

Like all conifer oils has the oil of Zirbelkiefer a strong connection to our respiratory system, the essential oil is absorbed by our lungs and helps us breathe, that breathing is intensified and becomes deeper. This allows more oxygen is absorbed into the blood, also the oils in Swiss pine oil are antiseptic, dissolve phlegm, promoting blood circulation and can help to get well more quickly us for colds, coughs, flu, a sinus infection or bronchitis or not to get. this disease only. In addition one can perform inhalations with the Swiss pine oil, you can use in an incense burner, too. Ideally, then add some eucalyptus oil, but it is also hyssop oil.

If you want a preventive sauna mixture with the Swiss pine oil, so you can add oils like mint or lemon, or course again eucalyptus oil.

It has been found in scientific studies that the Swiss pine oil has a positive effect on our sleep. We found that people who had to be sleeping the scent of Swiss pine oil, were much-rested, also found it faster to sleep. to insert a handkerchief with some Swiss pine oil next to your pillow.

Swiss pine oil can also help with headaches, muscle tension and muscle pain, or even in a provoked state.

Another important effect of Zirbelkiefernöls is that it increases blood flow to the skin, and that it relieves pain. So it can help for example in muscle pain and tension. The analgesic effect is also reflected in neuralgia and rheumatic complaints noticeable, can be carried out in this case, massages and liniments with Swiss pine oil.

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