Rose Oil (Rosa centifolia and damascena)

The Rosa centifolia is originally from Persia, but is now cultivated mainly in Egypt, Algeria, France and Morocco. the rose is valued for its good odor, its beauty and its large-scale comprehensive healing power, especially on the heart chakra. The essence of Rosa centifolia is obtained by a complicated extraction processes. In this particular form of preparation to obtain the so-called Rose absolue or rose absolute, one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.

The rose oil

If there is a scent of women, then it is probably rose oil, because it is for me the most feminine of all oils, they say but by the Rose, she was the queen of flowers.

In fact, the rose has many admirers all over the world, it is revered, it even writes poems and songs on the rose.

The rose has always been considered the flower of love and beauty, this is also the reason why it was dedicated in ancient Greece to the goddess Aphrodite.

Today white woman immediately what her admirers would say if he gives her roses: namely that he loves her and that he honors them.

According to legend, the discovery of rose oil should have happened by chance: In ancient Persia, there was a marriage between the emperor and his princess. To do filled the moat around the palace with rose petals. When the water strongly heated at noon by the sun, there was a distillation of the flowers, which rose water originated.

Application areas

Allergies, conjunctivitis, depression after childbirth, disappointment, fever, frigidity, birth, childbirth, herpes simplex, impotence, headache, worry, nervous heart problems, dry inflamed skin, irregular periods, constipation, wounds, gingivitis

Even today, one gets the essential oil of Rose nor by steam distillation of the petals, but the yield is extremely low: It takes 100 kg of whole rose petals, so that one 20 – wins 30 g of the essential oil. This makes the rose oil to one of the most expensive oils at all, which will also mean that fake and adulterated oils on the market.

And even the water that is obtained in the distillation is still so precious that it is the cosmetics industry can not take produce from their products.

The rose oil soothes our mind and gives us more patience, it opens our soul and our heart, makes us receptive to the love, it opens us to the beauty and the pleasures of life.

Rose oil can also relieve pain, it promotes menstrual cramps and triggers. Rose oil is also antiseptic and has a very soothing effect on the skin.

Profile of rose oil


1 drop of oil is extracted from about 30 flowers. Five tons give a liter of oil.

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