Sandalwood (Santalum album)

The sandal has a warm and velvety scent that reminds us immediately to the Orient: He embodies a mysterious beauty reminds us of old cultures, at rainforests and endless landscapes, even on old mysterious palaces. The sandalwood brings us the Orient home.

I wrote the rose oil, that this is the scent of women at Sandalwood I want to say that this is a typical male, if not the male fragrance par excellence.

The scent of sandalwood has an aphrodisiac effect, which makes it very popular with the men. This aphrodisiac effect has now been even scientifically proven, because it has been discovered that a contained therein ingredient smells exactly like a male hormone. The scent of sandalwood is therefore the scent, sending the men as an attractant, very similar.

The sandalwood

Originally the sandalwood from India, these days it is also grown in China and in Indonesia in large quantities. The sandalwood tree is evergreen and can be up to almost 10 m are large. yellow, red or pink flowers grow at the height of it.

Application include:

Acne, anxiety, tension, flatulence, bronchitis, depression, diarrhea, vomiting, frigidity, Prenatal, great sensitivity, urinary tract, skin care, cough, impotence, headache, lack of confidence, nervousness, insomnia, colds, stretch marks, heartburn, dry and inflamed skin, nausea, digestive problems, menopausal symptoms

The sandalwood was used for centuries as incense, use it for a balm or for the production of cosmetic products.

And of course it was also used in all sorts of religious ceremonies, or simply to meditation.

The sandalwood oil is light yellow and is produced by steam distillation.

The sandalwood triggers spasms in us, it inhibits inflammation, it helps against flatulence, it drives the urine and relieves tension. It also resolves internal imbalance, it harmonises us, it calms us. Sandalwood helps with anxiety, it grounds, stabilized, has a balancing effect, supports the nervous and circulatory system, it hydrates the skin.

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