Savory oil (Satureja hortensis)

In the savory, which is referred to in Latin as Satureja montana, is a plant that has its origins in the Balkans. Meanwhile, there has long been so, however, that the “summer savory” (Latin name: Satureja hortensis), which narrow leaves with an intense aroma and small flowers in a white to light purple color has is also found in northern gardens. This is the savory a spice plant. This belongs to the group of so-called mint.

Even in the days of the ancients knew that the savory offers far more than only the use as a spice. The spice herb was a question even then as a medicinal plant. Hildegard von Bingen announced during the Middle Ages that the savory can very well affect mental issues. The folk medicine used this plant already several centuries to treat various respiratory diseases, such as whooping cough.

Therefore, the designation of the savory is because it is used in the name of tradition to flavor bean dishes. It is also used in bean dishes to aid digestion.

The essential oil of this herb is included in all kinds of personal care products. The frequent use here seems somewhat surprising, given sensitive skin on the essential oil of savory can react irritated and can show allergic reactions, which are unpleasant for those affected.

The extraction of savory oil

To win from the savory essential oil, take the dried leaves of the plant and carries with them a steam distillation. In this case you need for one gram of essential oil from 12.5 to 50 kilograms of beans herb. The exact amount depends on the content of the essential oil.

The smell

The essential oil of savory has a spicy smell. It smells fairly dry and contains a certain amount of focus as it should be noted, for example, even in tanned leather. It usually takes place no use for the perfuming rooms. Nevertheless, the essential savory oil has its foothold in aromatherapy.

The possible uses of savory oil

The savory leaves are often used as a spice. Especially with green beans you like to use the plant. In the essential oil of the herb, however, are healing powers in the foreground.

The essential savory oil stimulates the production of digestive juices and can help to solve cramps. Therefore, it is used frequently in bloating, indigestion or diarrhea. Another important field of Application are respiratory diseases. So the essential oil is often used by the savory with bronchial or whooping cough as a bath additive.

The essential oil of this spice herb has a fungicidal and antibacterial effect. Therefore, it can also be extremely helpful to treat fungal diseases or if the intestinal flora must be regulated. In addition, the savory often found in people with diabetes use because this will fall to the formulation of a Bohnenkrauttees you want in the often heavily occurring thirst help.

The essential savory oil is also used to flavor various foods. Also one takes it with its spicy scent repeatedly as an additive in the following products:

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