The essential oil opopinax

Opopinax is also known under the name “Commiphora Guidotti”. This essential oil has a warm, resinous and deep flavor that is very strong and will remain for a long time. It is known for its muscle-relaxing effect, but also reduces stress and anxiety. The essential oil is also effective against opopinax mucus, especially when this runs deep in the lungs. It has a drying effect and can therefore help against diarrhea, as it brings dryness in the body.

Characteristics of the essential oil opopinax:

  • Group: Burseaceae (burseraceae)
  • Contained chemical substances: for example monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes
  • Parts of the plant: resin
  • Cultivation: wild growing
  • Odor: balsamic, exotic, sensual, resinous, sweet, warm
  • Note: Basisnote

The essential oil opopinax is recommended in cases of colds, flu, sore throat and wet cough. In addition, the agent is excellent as a means to protect against insects.

It is suitable for emotional grounding and can be used to lower the body’s energy.

The essential oil opopinax comes from a distillery in South Africa, which buys its resins in Ethiopia. She chooses always freshly harvested resins which, strictly speaking, mainly from the semi-arid areas of the Ogaden region in Ethiopia. This distillery is known for its unique strength in the production of oils from the legendary resins opopinax and myrrh. These resins are thereby collected by nomadic tribes, who are well acquainted with the work with resins for many generations.

Opopinax can be used for both physical as well as psychological purposes. These properties are particularly well known:

  • Therapeutic effects:
  • Opopinax is antibacterial.
  • This essential oil is a antidiarrhea, meaning it helps for example with diarrhea.
  • It is also an antiseptic effect known, meaning it helps fight germs and pathogens.
  • Opopinax is spasmodic and therefore relieves spasms and cramping.
  • This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and can thus already alleviate existing inflammation.
  • The medication works expectorant and can thus remove excess mucus from the respiratory organs.
  • Energetic and emotional effects:
  • Opopinax supports meditation and inner unity.
  • It calms.
  • The essential oil warms.
  • It is known an emotional grounding.
  • The essential oil opopinax can open an energetic level.
  • The agent sedated.

Here is a recipe for using opopinax:

  • To help with diarrhea:
  • 6 drops opopinax
  • 5 drops Roman chamomile
  • 5 drops of lavender

This is available in 60 ml cream. The mixture is then rubs every hour on the abdomen until relief is palpable. Then you should continue to use it every couple of hours until clarification.


It is possible that skin irritation caused by the essential oil opopinax in sensitive people. The agent also acts phototoxic, meaning you should avoid direct sunlight or sunbeds for 12 hours after application to the skin.

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