Thuja oil (Thuja occidentalis)

The name Thuja is derived from the Latin word for “disinfecting”, but some also claim it came from the Greek word “Thuo” “sacrifice” for. Also would make sense, as Theophrastus described how they burned these trees in Cyrene near the Temple of Jupiter in religious ceremonies to worship the gods. The bark was also used often to form religious objects and statues from it.

But a more beautiful name for Thuja’s “Arbor vitae”, the tree of life.

The Indians used the Thuja as cover for rheumatic joint problems and because of their sweat-inducing properties, or as a decoction for viral infections.

The great Samuel Hahnemann (1755 -1843), in his capacity father of homeopathy, brought the curative effect of Thuja to Europe, where they are used as a tincture.

In Germany in 1875 the doctors Mohnike and crushers described the remarkable healing powers of Thuja, especially in skin growths and tumors. They found that the skin regenerates quickly and healed when plotting twice a day, such a tincture. The skin was pale and dried quickly, but inflammation and tumors disappeared. A doctor named Dr. Leclerc recommended Thuja warts in skin lesions and as a stimulant of the urinary tract.

The thuja

The thuja oil has antiseptic, helps against rheumatic complaints. In the hands of an experienced physician or Aromatherapeuthen it helps in scalp psoriasis, skin lesions, skin rash and alopecia. Thuja can also be a powerful weapon in the fight against malignant abscess, persistent acne and severe infections.


No self-treatment with Thuja!

The ingredients are very dangerous and can cause severe damage to health!

Never take internally!

Even external use may already be toxic.

The thuja oil contains thujone, which is toxic. It is a neurotoxin that can cause cramps, diarrhea and gastrointestinal inflammation. In addition, it can trigger a miscarriage.

Profile of Thuja


55 kg result in a liter of oil.

Effect on the psyche of Thuja

Opens our eyes to the important things in life, you could say it confronts us almost so. Often it is then a matter of life and death.

It brings us back to our roots. It helps to pause in life when one is confused and restless.

Moved for keeping and return to it.

Strengthens the ego.


U.a. Thujon ( 50%), Kampher, Sabinen, Pinen, Fenchen

Is used in pharmaceutical products such as disinfectants and sprays. Is also considered an irritation-soothing substance in analgesic creams and ointments. Also used in toiletries and perfumes.

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