Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)

Actually, the tuberose comes from Egypt, now it is planted but also in other countries such as Morocco and France, and even in the larger parts of India. For the preparation of the oil is solely used, the flowers of the plant, the oil is recovered by alcohol extraction.

The oil smells sweet and heavy, you like to use it for good perfumes or in a diffuser. It acts sensual and erotic to us wanting more when applying it.

And actually Tuberosenöl is mainly used on the skin, in perfumes, in ointments and creams or massage oils. It stimulates the senses, it creates a sensual mood. However, it is not particularly suitable for children as the smell is too heavy for them. Also in workrooms of the fragrance can be more wrong of place.

The scent of tuberose is warm, sweet, almost like a floral narcotics. Really an indescribable fragrance. In general, only tiny amounts of this oil are required to conjure up this miracle fragrance into the air.

The oil inspires creativity, can disappear emotional blocks and causes a positive outlook on life!

The Tuberosenöl is a very seductive substance. The fragrance is unlike anything you have ever smelled.

The scent of Tuberosenöles is so complex, so exotic, so intoxicating, so sweet and flowery as possible. This flavor is therefore often used in wonderful perfumes, along with rose, jasmine or sandalwood.

Tuberosenöl is seductive, aromatic, warming, it draws one into its spell. It motivates and inspires, it sensitized, it’s sensual.

Tuberosenöl is also used to counteract stress, negativity, insecurity and confusion. It helps in anger, confusion and self-doubt, it helps with jealousy and bitterness.

Studies show that Tuberosenöl can reduce cortisol levels that it can reduce stress.

Tuberose enhances our artistic abilities, creative, it brings peace of mind, for the mind and soul.

In traditional Indian culture and mythology to the flowers often used as garlands in various traditional rituals and other sacred ceremonies, like weddings.

Her Hindu name is “Rajnigandha” which means something like “Night fragrance” or “the smell of the night.” Also known in Bengali as “Rojoni-Gondha” or in Mandarin as “Ye Lai Xiang”, which means “the smell that comes out of the night.”

known in India as “Rat Ki Rani” (Mistress of the Night), in Iran as “Gole Maryam” (Mary’s flower).

Since the oil is sensual, it is often used for sexual disorders. It stimulates us, two people bring to each other, it relaxes and creates a cozy atmosphere. As an aphrodisiac promotes tuberose serenity that need the body, the mind and the heart.

Even if one has become emotionless after many serious setbacks, the oil over it helps.

Tuberosenöl fits to other scents like Immortelle, Tonka, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, bergamot, cocoa, neroli, sandalwood, vanilla.

Profile of tuberose


A ton of flowers results in a liter of oil.


I am aware of my sensuality and smell my skin.

Effect on the psyche of tuberose

Creates warmth and sensuality, is aphrodisiac and leads into the world of oriental fairy tales.

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