Valerian oil (Valeriana officinalis)

Valerian, in Latin, also known as Valeriana officinalis, is a herb from the carrot family, which is found on damp meadows, in the woods and along riverbanks and streams. The medicinal plant wearing white and pink flowers, it can be up to 2 meters tall and blooms from May to July.

Valerian is probably one of the plants used medically already the longest with us at all, which is the superior nerve calming effect and sedative (calming) has found properties until the 17th century.

Use finds rootstock valerian, which, actually odorless, is a relatively unpleasant smell during drying, which some people call ever as “sweaty”. There are other similar nice name as Stinkwurz for example. Interestingly, however, are fully Cats on the smell – there is therefore names like catnip or cat root, which point out that this odor can swoon cats.

The essential valerian oil is obtained by steam distillation of the dried roots. A kilo of roots here gives only one gram of the essential oil.

Valerian oil has a bitter and sweet fragrance, aromatic such as camphor, but is not suitable for perfuming of the spaces and is mainly perceived as unattractive. Nevertheless, the valerian oil well is also part of perfume industry, where small amounts can put small, special fragrance brands.

The valerian oil is nowadays mainly used as a general relaxant and sedative. But the Valerian is also a sleep-promoting, as it has a calming effect during heavy excitement.

When you’re constantly restless, the valerian oil can show balancing effect.

And even in weather sensitivity, with a nervous stomach and other nervous conditions, the valerian oil helps.

In the form of a bath lotion, better as an ingredient to this soothing property can be enjoyed in the most pleasant and relaxing way: Put a few drops of valerian oil in some cream and this mixture then into the bath water. Pleasant swim I want.

Valerian oil helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms in a drug rehabilitation, and alcohol withdrawal.

Valerian oil binds stomach acid, so can also help with stomach stinging and heartburn. It has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in diseases of the eye.

Unlike other oils valerian oil does not really matter because of its peculiar smell for scenting a room, except Cats rooms maybe.

In own fragrance mixtures, as in self-mixed perfumes, this oil may well make for a pleasant, slightly woody and balsamic fragrance.

No other oil has such a calming and relaxing effect on us as valerian oil. It has a soothing effect on us when excited states of all kinds, whether they be anxiety attacks, fright, or even in sleep disorders or permanent rumination.


It may be a habit, if you use valerian oil for too long.

Profile of valerian


100 kg yield 1 l of oil.

Valerian oil – Ingredients

U.a. Valen, Terpinolen, Camphen

Valerian oil fits well other oils such as galbanum, clary sage, lavender, lemon balm, fennel, sandalwood or bergamot.

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