Vanilla oil (Vanilla planifolia)

The vanilla bean comes from Latin America, Madagascar, the Comoros and Reunion which used to be called bourbon. Hence the name: Bourbon vanilla. Vanilla increases physical and mental activity, sells dullness and makes good mood. Vanilla extract you can conjure up fine mixtures in your fragrance lamp, z. B. with grapefruit, lime, bergamot and orange. For flavoring desserts you can use this vanilla extract as a natural and healthy alternative to artificial vanillin. Vanilla is probably the most well-known flavor (with cocoa or chocolate) and really everyone knows it: as sweet, pudding or ice cream.

The vanilla oil

One gets the ethereal vanilla oil by an alcohol extraction of vanilla pods, you need about 3 kg pods for a liter of oil. So therefore, the oil is not particularly difficult to manufacture, not too expensive.

The oil is used among other things as a room fragrance in perfumes, in massage mixtures, creams, shower gels or bath additives.

Vanilla oil calms us, the concentration suggests that it helps against bad mood and depressive moods, it releases blockages and tension.

Vanilla oil fits to other oils such as orange oil, bergamot oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil.

The vanilla – My queen of scents

How would you someone who does not know the vanilla, describe their fragrance and flavor?

Well, apart from the fact that the well can not work, you probably would use words such as warm, sweet, flattering, relaxing, invigorating, soothing and stimulating.

In fact, vanilla is the flavor No. 1 in Germany., It is used most when it comes to make the home smell better, or give a food a better taste. And even when the ice cream is vanilla classic and still the best-selling varieties – before the chocolate on the 2nd place.

Vanilla caresses our soul, enfolds us, it gives us confidence and well-being – it is truly the queen of spices.

No other spice and no other scent invokes such a wealth of memories in us as the vanilla. This is of course the fact that all kinds of memories are created in childhood, which are later associated with the vanilla. They were as a child with your parents in the pool and ate vanilla that? Sure you will remember as an adult because when you get the smell of vanilla in the nose.

Why remembering in conjunction with fragrances works so well has now been scientifically proven, but it should not have to be described here. but what is important: Especially with the scents of vanilla and rose works particularly well, two royal scents that dig deep into our memory and our emotions and remain indelible in it.

For example, as has been found that when learning something new, such. As for school, it is useful while having a certain scent like vanilla around. The method will be so linked to the scent and then at night when you lie in bed and turn while sleeping has the scent around, even deepened in his sleep. But anyway, almost every person thinks of Christmas just on the edge. That if he smells of vanilla, is clear anyway.

But further in vanilla:

therefore, the wonderful, perfect and all-embracing aroma of vanilla is because in the vanilla over 40 different flavors are included.

And because the vanilla can act so directly to our sense of center, it is not surprising that it is used in aromatherapy to diseases that can bring our emotional worlds shaken: illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and stress to only the most important to call.

You want to try again yourself because you also are still constantly under stress? Clear, simple: Get in the pharmacy or the drugstore a vanilla oil bottle and an incense burner or a urinal cake. Then type 2 drops of the oil in the “scenting” incense burner and so your room. You will see how the vanilla scent acts on them.

Incidentally, this is also “mobile” very good if you are traveling: Drop a few drops on a tissue and sniff it. But please make sure that the oil does not come with the eyes or mucous membrane, in combination, as it else can possibly cause irritation.

By the way it should be mentioned that the scent of vanilla indeed looks directly in the brain, that it promotes the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. For me at least is true: more and a small bottle of vanilla oil on hand and already the stress can not be that bad!

Sleep better with vanilla

A Get a nice warm bath, add a few drops of vanilla oil to and bathe with relaxing music (and maybe a few candles or tea lights) for half an hour, if you can not sleep at night, then try yet again following.

Thereafter, only slightly dry and the cozy warm bed.

Incidentally, vanilla oil is usually well tolerated by the skin, but you should pay attention as with all essential oils out still do not get it in your eyes or get to mucous membranes.

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