Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

Vetiver comes from tropical regions. The vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of Vetivergrases, a tropical sweet grass, which belongs to the same botanical family as well as the lemongrass. Vetiver is a very interesting scent, heavy, smelling of wood and earth. In many high-quality perfumes vetiver oil is used as a fixative as it adheres very long. A bathroom with vetiver is recommended for those people who are deeply relax and want to come back to their roots.

The vetiver

Vetiver is a sweet grass, which has very special roots. Because the roots of the Vetiver are very strong and can withstand both drought and floods, so it is unusually resistant, which is why it targeted planting in some countries to protect against erosion.

The essential oil, which is obtained from these roots, I feel always a little strange, because on the one hand, I find it quite boring, but at the same time fascinating. The scent is something mysterious, Comprehensive, Heavy itself, and probably have to like this scent right away, so that one often uses it. Other people, however, find it colorless and boring, most likely you will therefore not want to use him too often.

The essential oil is viscous and has a dark brown color, using it is mostly in perfumes and other cosmetics. It is obtained by steam distillation from the roots. The scent is woody and earthy, intense and bitter, it reminds removes some of sandalwood or musk.

The essential oil is indeed obtained from the roots, the oil also has something groundable in itself, so it brings us back to the bottom of the facts back when we are lifted. Or of course if we have lost the ground under their feet because the events overwhelm us. Can be used as oil for disoriented people do so. It grounds, it calms us, it shows us the way, it strengthens our nerves and gives us new strength. The vetiver oil has on our body an invigorating effect, it also strengthens the immune system, it nourishes and regenerates our skin, especially the connective tissue, which is why you can use it for stretch marks or cellulite. Another effect that it is hard to believe is that this oil firms the female breast and even increased.

Vetiver also has a stimulating effect on the human sexual organs, which means that fertility is to be increased and the desire is increased to the desire.

Profile of vetiver

Effect on the soul of vetiver

Grounding effect

U.a. Vetiron, Benzoesäure, Vetivazulen, Vetiveron, Palmitinsäure, Furfurol


Five tons give a liter of oil.

Fragrance direction

Heavy, earthy, deep and woody

Harmonizes with

Bergamot oil, verbena oil, geranium oil, jasmine oil, cardamom, orange oil, rose oil, sandalwood oil, Tolu, Tonka, tuberose, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, lemon oil

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