Violet oil (Viola odorata)

The violet comes from the Mediterranean region, but it is now to be found in almost all of Europe. The violet oil is a very expensive essential oil, from five tons of raw material can only win one liter of the precious oil. It is obtained by an alcohol extraction from the roots and greens.

Use finds the violet oil, for example, in a diffuser, where the fragrance spread quickly throughout the room. It is aromatic, reminiscent of leaves, is floral and mild.

Violet oil is often used in perfumes, but they are then correspondingly expensive. Therefore one used for larger quantities and at the cost of keeping low, synthetic oil.

The violet oil can also be used internally, this form of Application type is often the case with physical illness to bear.

For relaxation, the violet oil is also useful in lotions and bath water.

This oil has a positive effect on our psyche, so it helps for example with emotional wounds or shock. People who need to ponder continually, can not find mitigation in a Fragrance lamp by the violet oil.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, the violet oil for a deep and inner relaxation.

Violet oil fits to other oils such. As sandalwood, jasmine oil, bergamot oil, basil oil, musk oil, myrtle oil, pine oil.

Profile of violets


Alcohol extract of roots and flowering herb

Five tons give a liter of oil.

Effect of violet oil on the soul

Heal emotional wounds and psychological shock.

Strengthens the nerves.

Mediates the silent clarity of a forest.

Breaks up emotional barriers and blockages.

Builds fears from.

Intensive, foliage-like, green, flowery aspects

Harmonizes with

Oak moss, cedar, sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot, basil, geranium, Douglas fir, pine, myrtle, musk seeds

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