Yarrow oil (Achillea millefolium)

The Yarrow oil is an oil that helps women in particular. The scent of yarrow oil can help z. B. with an irregular cycle. The Yarrow oil is found in many natural care products that are used for acne, blemished skin, against irritated skin or cellulite.

The Yarrow oil

According to an old Greek myth of the well-known hero Achilles was (the one with the heel) of a centaur, his name was Chiron, initiated into the art of herbal medicine. The four-legged friend, he was a hybrid creature between horse and man is said to have helped Achilles to heal his hamstring. He is said to have used yarrow.

Yarrow is an old and very effective remedy that has been used for millennia by people. It is known for wound healing and it is this effect makes you look even in aromatherapy advantage.

The many active ingredients of yarrow give it astringent, wound-healing and styptic property. Yarrow oil so you can treat wounds wonderful, even ulcers or inflammation, including burns and boils can help it.

If you suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids, you can dab it with a mixture of jojoba oil and some yarrow oil.


After using yarrow oil the skin may be sensitive to sunlight. It can also lead to allergic reactions.

Do not use this oil in pregnancy because it has a blow-promoting effect!

You can add also prefabricated ointments something Yarrow oil and then always use these ointments for small injuries. More effective, such an ointment if you give something cypress oil in equal parts. The cypress oil has an additional contracting effect on our tissues and helps so that injuries to close faster.

If you suffer from varicose veins, the Yarrow can also help. Apply a few drops yarrow oil in cold water and soak a compress it and then place it compress to the varicose veins. Another option is to mix a little jojoba oil, cypress oil and yarrow oil together and then rub the legs with it.

Yarrow is already known as a special woman herb also for a long time, the yarrow can help with irregular menstruation or painful menstrual period, they can be used even with a lack of blood flow or a weak flow. to soak a compress with a mixture of lukewarm water and yarrow oil and place them compress on his stomach on. It is also possible that you perform sitz baths with yarrow oil, why do you mix Yarrow oil with some cream and add the water. Another, final, option is to perform massage in the abdomen. Mix them with Yarrow oil with some jojoba oil and massage the belly with it.

Yarrow has a balancing effect on hormonal imbalances during menopause. In addition, the Yarrow balances the emotional fluctuations during this difficult time, it gives you new energy.

Yarrow helps, of course, not only women, when it comes to inflammation in the abdomen, of course, they can also use men. Generally you can use yarrow oil in the form of pads, compresses or sitz baths. It also helps stomach cramps, biliary cramps or bloating. Again, you can again use sitz baths or what is also possible healing clay mixtures with yarrow, which are applied to the abdomen.

If you suffer from headaches, it can help to rub his forehead and neck with something in jojoba oil diluted yarrow.

Of course, the cosmetics industry has made the effect of yarrow advantage, it produces ointments and creams that cleanse the skin and help heal inflammation, in addition, the yarrow can help with acne.

When mixing the oil with Yarrow red oil (St. John’s wort), one can hope for relief from sunburn. Mix the two oils in equal parts and wear them on the burned areas on. Even if you suffer from cellulite, this mixture can help.

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