Essential oils and chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the energy field of man (the aura) along the spine are located. They are regarded as the gates of power. One can think of them as energy vortex in which the air flowing through the meridians energy flow condenses. Chakras receive cosmic energy and transform and distribute them to the various body parts and organs. They therefore contribute decisively towards harmonizing the life energy. Each chakra has its own vibration region. Only when all seven energy centers vary continuously, is a man in harmonious balance and healthy.

Each chakra is associated with a particular personality or activity of man. Particularly important – especially in our western culture – the third eye to. Here, if the energy can flow freely, the mind works clear and one can see the world as it is.


If you want to harmonize your chakras, the chakra massage is a good method. This massage should you do in a relaxed, meditative mood. You will be amazed how much your mental condition will stabilize. With the corresponding plant essences, you can enhance the effect of massage. is basically important that you follow intuitive.

A Bauchchakramassage could begin z. B. so that you feel relaxed lie down in a quiet, familiar place, listening to soft music. Begin the massage by rubbing your tummy with a few drops of Bauchchakraöls with light, circular motion clockwise. Now close your eyes and direct your attention in the lower abdomen. Your hands can thereby gently lie on your stomach. Use the breath to bring your consciousness fully into the abdominal area. You have to do nothing but relax to lie there and let the breath flow freely and quiet. Take emerging sensations and feelings easily perceive to be seen without them, and let tensions by deliberately stressed breathing going on. Chakramassagen are also well suited for a self or partner massage. With a partner massage you first hand on the location of the selected chakras. Focus entirely on your feelings – whether you are comfortable, warm, strong, pulsating or uncomfortable, cool, weak and lifeless. Massage now with five to ten drops of that Chakraöls the area around each chakra with gentle, circular movements. After 10 to 15 minutes you can again try to perceive your feelings and inner vibrations with his hand in the appropriate place and to feel if anything has changed. You can later share with your partner this experience by massaging each other with the Chakraöl.

The seven chakras

The following table identifies the assignments of the energy centers to colors, stones, essential oils, their location and function.

Root Chakra – base chakra (first chakra) root center

Color : red

Essential oils : angelica root, oak moss, Immortelle, nard, patchouli, vetiver, cypress

Location : at the base of the spine, coccyx, perineum

Function : connection to the earth, basic trust, stability, root for the self-preservation, power source for all activities that center of power supply for the organism


Sacral – Bauchchakra (second chakra) sex center

Color : orange

Essential oils : jasmine, Ho-leaves, blood orange, rose, cardamom, sandalwood, tonka, vetiver, ylang-ylang

Location : about three centimeters below the navel

Function : Center direct, free-flowing emotions of sensuality and sexual energy distribution point vital energies, the seat of the creative forces of enthusiasm and

Of wonder

Solar plexus (Third Chakra) Sonnengeflecht

Color : yellow, golden yellow

Stein: Citrin

Essential oils : rosemary, pepper, clove, camphor, tarragon, coriander, lavender, clary sage, myrrh, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, lemon

Location : at the solar plexus in the stomach

Function : conversion of gross energy into the Subtle, processing vital impulses, moods and feelings, activation of intellectual understanding, management of relationships and connections, seat of personal power, self-confidence, development of satisfaction

Chakra (Fourth Chakra) Heart Center

Color : green

Stein: Aventurin

Ätherische Öle: Cistrose, Douglasie, Geranium, Iriswurzel, Magnolienblüte, Melisse, Mimose, Narzisse, Neroli, Rose, Rosengeranie, Tuberose

Location : heart area, in the center of the chest

Function : source of healing, conversion vital feelings in compassion and love, development of self-love and acceptance, development of the sense of beauty and harmony, control of emotions, regulate the immune system

Throat chakra (Fifth Chakra) larynx center

Color : light blue

Essential oils : cajeput, eucalyptus, niaouli, myrtle, Ravensara, grapefruit, fennel, sage, hyssop

Location : on the throat

Function : connecting the physical and emotional with the intellectual centers, distribution of creative energies, control of individual expression and communication, transformation of fear emergence of joy, a source of inner space, peace and inspiration

Third brow chakra (Sixth Chakra) eye

Color : Indigo

Stein: Lapislazuli

Essential oils : anise, eucalyptus citriodora, chamomile blue, lime, Citronellagras, bay, lemon balm, mint, clary sage, myrtle, Verbena, Juniper

Location : center of the forehead between the eyebrows

Function : seat of intuitive and rational thinking and holistic knowledge, charisma and control of mental energies, manifestation of the power of thought, memory, vision and clairvoyance

Crown chakra (Seventh Chakra) Krone center

Color : Purple

Stein: Amethyst

Essential oils : lavender vera, mint, myrrh, spikenard, sandalwood, violet leaves, Elemi, Rose, Agarwood, St. John’s wort, frankincense, hyssop

Location : on top of the head

Function : Opening of man to the cosmos, experience the mental and spiritual world, awareness of oneness, commitment, union, completion

Chakras and oils at a glance

Wurzelchakra: Patschuli, Vetiver

Bauchchakra : sandalwood, ylang-ylang

Solar Plexus : lavender (calming), rosemary (stimulating and low self-esteem)

Heart Chakra : Rose or geranium (for heart and feeling), Melissa (soothing)

Kehlchakra : Salbei, Myrtle

Brow chakra : nana mint

Crown chakra : Olibanum (clarifying energy), Jasmine

(Promotes the devotion)


Chakraöle there are mixed ready to buy, but you can also be prepared in appropriate oils themselves.

When choosing the essences you should know that many

Essential oils act on several chakras:

Rose acts, for example simultaneously on the heart, stomach and the crown chakra, sandalwood on the abdomen and the crown chakra.

If you are not sure which you have to mix oils for a chakra, you are best at a single essence that you dilute as follows: 1-5 drops of essence (depending on the scent intensity at Sandalwood You can take up to 10 drops ) in 10 ml of jojoba oil.

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