The right oil for each body area

The healing effect of an essential oil to humans is directly related to the function of the oil to the plant. Lavender oil helps as the lavender to ward off pests and in the elimination of toxins. Accordingly, it has antimicrobial and detoxifying in humans.

Essential oils are responsible for the regulation of metabolic processes in plants and protect them from parasites and diseases. But even during fertilization, they play an important role. These different functions are associated with the healing effect on people. So, for example, have antiseptic ingredients of an essential oil that protect plants from pests and pathogens in humans the same effect. They strengthen the immune system and kill germs.

In phytotherapy individual plant parts particular body regions of the human to be assigned. Thus one arranges the flowers to the head, the leaves and shoots of the upper body and the roots of the lower body. So there are different applications.

Essential oils of fruit peel have a strong effect on the head portion and the sense organs. They influence the intellectual level of the people, increase the concentration and perception. They bring light into the mind and have a brightening in depressive moods.

Essential oils of flowers of geranium, rose and neroli from having a positive impact on the feelings. They have a relaxing effect, are harmonizing and act as an antidepressant. They help in emotional shock and show the beauty of life.

Essential oils from the herb of a plant such as rosemary, assist in the processing of processes, increase assertiveness and bring the body energy and strength.

Essential oils from wood or roots strengthen the physical strength and increase connectedness to the earth.

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